The Morning Coffee – 4 October 2012

The Morning Coffee - 4 October 2012 Morning Coffee Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • 10 Words You Literally Didn’t Know You Were Getting Wrong (LitReactor)
  • 3D printing: Difference Engine: The PC all over again? (The Economist)
  • 4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading (
  • Banned Books Bullshit, Year 4 (Agnostic, Maybe)
  • Ebook publishing platforms are a joke (FutureBook)
  • The Five Stages Of Grief Following The Publication Of One’s First Book (The Awl)
  • I love my Kindle, but it drives me crazy (TechHive)
  • iPads for Everyone: How a small library program became a runaway hit (The Digital Shift)
  • Libboo Raises $1.1m for Book Publishing and Social Discovery Platform (TNW)
  • The “Lost” Steve Jobs Speech from 1983; Foreshadowing Wireless Networking, the iPad, and the App Store (Life, Liberty, and Tech)
  • Nobody Knows Anything About the Indie Book Business (The Passive Voice)
  • This is the Modem World: Why are printers stuck in the 20th century? (Engadget)
  • Thomas Allen Turns Science Textbooks Into Romantic Art (

The lost Steve Jobs interview is definitely worth listening to.

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  1. Like the 10 Words article but for those who take what it says to heart, its i.e. versus e.g. statements are only partially correct and it is not correct to construe i.e. as meaning “in other words”, which has a different meaning from “that is”.

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