Does Anyone Have a txtr beagle?

Does Anyone Have a txtr beagle? e-Reading Hardware Tech blogs report on the launch of new gadgets all the time, but one thing we tend to forget is to check back and make sure the launch actually happened.

Take the txtr beagle, for example. This 5" disappointing excuse for an ereader was originally announced in October 2012, but never actually made it to market.

This past week I decided to see if it was available yet.

Update: The beagle is now available from txtr. They're only shipping to Germany.

Txtr had planned to sell it to telecoms so it could be bundled with smartphones and/or new contracts, but it's been 6 months since that was announced and it looks like no telecom wants it. That's probably why txtr opted for releasing it via retail channels, only that doesn't seem to have happened either.

Just over a month ago I reported that this smartphone companion would be released in the US and in Germany. Retail was supposed to be $69 and 59 euros, much higher than txtr's original promised 10 euro price tag.

Well, it's a month later and so far as I can tell the beagle still is not available anywhere. It was supposed to be available via this site, but as you can see it is still listed as pre-order. The beagle was also supposed to be sold in Germany, but I can't find any online retailer who has it in stock (not, MediaMarkt, etc). I also can't find any sign of new beagle owners on Twitter or Youtube gushing about their purchase. There's also no word from txtr explaining the delay, but I wasn't really expecting them to answer my press query.

If you have a beagle or know where it, please leave a comment. I want to know if it really is available, and I bet at least some readers are also interested.

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  1. You know which part I never understood about the Beagle? Why did it need a special Android app to transfer books? Why not plain old OBEX FTP? I use three devices with Bluetooth (a Palm, a phone and a PC) and all can talk to each other just fine with no special software.

    Had they done that part right, it might have been a halfway decent experiment… But I guess they wanted control.

    • The app is required to transfer the ebooks because the beagle doesn’t actually accept ebooks. It only displays page images.

      Stupid, I know, but that’s what txtr decided to do.

    • The android app converts the drm’ed epub into a folder full of (probably) uncompressed image files.
      Because it was more important to save a buck on the build cost than it was to build something somebody might want to buy.

  2. I ask my friend in Europe to get one for me once it gets released (obviously with the 10 pound price tag that was promised during pre-launch) but until now no word on it yet. Frankly I forgot all about it until this post came up on my feeds lol.

  3. It happens that I have one 🙂 I won it via their competition announced on facebook in November I think. It is simple, yet very easy to hold, turning it on and off is matter of one second. The app for windows is in development, actually it is available, but right now It does not transfer books to Beagle, but it was promised it will. I set my android device to use the smallest font for books in beagle, works good so far, and I changed the batteries twice in last two months. probably because I use ordinary batteries not lithium cell AAA or expensive alkaline, and mainly because I tried lot of books and fonts and bluetooth transfer drained the device most I think. I cant really complain because it does what promised. After two months of use I can say I would pay 30 euros, or 40 dollars for this device without hesitation, but not more, then I would consider pay some extra and buy a Kindle. But I don’t see the point using it for mp3 or having hundreds of books in it, I can barely read two at time, and since I have it i finished about six books.

  4. They’re selling it via their own website, yet only in Germany. Just point your browser to — it’s there, really. 😉

    It’s even in their own online book catalogue, just do a search for “txtr beagle” (select the german book store).

    Have fun,

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