Colorfly CT132 is an Android Tablet Big Enough to Share

ct132_01Android tablets with laptop sized screens are nothing new, with both Viewsonic and Archos debuting out-sized devices last year, and now it seems yet another generic Chinese tablet maker has joined the fray.

The Colorfly CT132 has a screen the same size as the Archos FamilyPad, and it improves upon that older tablet with a quad-core CPU, a newer version of Android, better cameras, more storage, and a slightly lower price.

This tablet is running Android 4.1 on a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM, a powerVR SGX 544 GPU, a pair of 2MP cameras, and HDMI out. It has 16GB of Flash storage, a microSD card slot, and you can add more storage via the USB port.


The screen on this beauty measures in at 13.3″, with a resolution of 1280×800. There’s a capacitive touchscreen, of course; a resistive touchscreen would have killed the possibility that several people would use the tablet at once.

But as interesting as this tablet might be, there is at least one downside. This tablet already has at least one review on a Chinese website, and the reviewer has noted that there are issues with the viewing angle.  This tablet is using a cheaper quality screen than we have come to expect on a tablet. The screen on the CT132 is actually about on par with the screen on my new Lenovo laptop, and along with the lower cost comes a compromise: poorer viewing angles.

If you try to use the CT132  from an off-angle, you might have to put up with washed out colors or  a lack screen brightness. While this might not be an issue with 7″ or 9″ tablets, the CT132 is large enough that you might want to set it on a table so it could be used be several people from all sides. Given the lower quality screen I don’t think that is a possibility.

This tablet has Wifi but not Bluetooth, and it also has a speakers and a mike. The battery is rated at 8Ah, with an expected runtime of around 8 hours. According to the product listings it weighs in at 41 ounces, or enough to flatten a small child. You can find it online for around $330.



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