Bookshelfies Are The Hot New Trend

Bookshelfies Are The Hot New Trend Editorials I've just come across a new Tumblr that I plan to filter out immediately:

For those who are just tuning in, a bookshelfie is a self-portrait taken in front of a bookshelf. After all, what's the point of having a bookshelf to show off how literate you are if no one can see it?

That blog appears to have launched only recently, and apparently it's using the term Bookshelfie as a new twist on an old term. A few minutes of Googling uncovered a #bookshelfie tag on Twitter, but most of those photos simply show books without the person.

The blog, on the other hand, has more photos like this:

Bookshelfies Are The Hot New Trend Editorials

I learned of this activity via  HuffPo, and while they may think it's really cool I have a different opinion.

I've never been one to like the idea of vanity shots like selfies, and that goes double when people are showing off their bookshelves. It brings in an element of book culture that I have often found unappealing.

Then again, I am a misanthrope.  You probably shouldn't pay me any mind.

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  1. I would think there’d be a lot of room to parody this by posting a #bookshelfie shot holding up an e-reader. #ebookshelfie perhaps? 🙂

  2. “Reading a paper books feels so much warmer”. #booksarethenewvinyl

  3. A better way to show off your erudition is to be an interesting conversationalist. Makes people like you, too.

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