Agent Andrew Wylie Shits On Readers And Writers

W122707_wylie_web[1]ith his “carefully crossed ankles” — deliberate, I’m sure, because his ass is still hurting from the buttfuck Random House gave him — snob agent Andrew Wylie frankly tells the world what he thinks of Kindle users and genre writers in an interview in The New Republic.

Kindle owners are “fools”:

I think we’d be fine if publishers just withdrew their product [from Amazon], frankly. If the terms are unsatisfactory, why continue to do business? You think you’re going to lose thirty percent of your business? Well, that’s OK, because you would have a thirty percent higher margin for seventy percent of your business. You have fewer fools reading your books and you get paid more by those who do. What’s wrong with that?

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Genre fiction is “shit”:

LB: They [Amazon] do better with genre fiction, at least.

AW: They can do all of that shit. Take over daytime television, too.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Now I tend to use “shit” as a synonym for “stuff” all the time, so I’d be inclined to cut him some slack on that except he immediately added daytime TV, so I think he meant “shit” as shit.

And any book that rises to widespread popularity is badly written:

Unless you’re a terribly bad writer, you are never going to have too many readers.

So, yeah, see? I think he did mean “shit” as shit back there.

So let’s review:

1) Andrew Wylie doesn’t want the money of “fools.”

2) Those “fools” like to read “shit.”

3) And all of that “shit” is from “bad writer[s].”

I give him points for being honest, because hell, I inflame and insult others all the time.

All the same, this is a guy who thinks his agency is going to last for the next hundred years. So let’s just chalk all of this up to him clearly being delusional.



  1. Tablazines9 October, 2013

    He’s just an ass. He’s just pissed that soon, his position will go the way of the Dinosaur…

  2. Alexandra Lynwood (@AlexLynwood)9 October, 2013

    I wonder what his clients think about him insulting a large portion of the world i.e. their potential readers?

    Seems awfully unprofessional.

    1. Puzzled9 October, 2013

      He isn’t insulting their readers…

      Since good writers don’t have many readers, and he only represents good writers, clearly none of the readers of his writers are fools.

      1. Alexandra Lynwood (@AlexLynwood)9 October, 2013

        Keyword was potential.

    2. luke O'Sullivan11 October, 2013

      I don’t think Martin Amis and other clients that Andrew Wylie represents would care. I suspect they view themselves as artists first and foremost and so would agree with Wylie, in their capacity as artists, that genre literature is shit. Wylie has made a career out of selling art – that’s the point he’s making in his interview. I don’t think “professional” is an adjective Martin Amis probably bandies around all that much. It’s more the sort of word you would hear at a city law firm or a bank. Perhaps that’s what Wylie is bemoaning.

  3. KarlB9 October, 2013

    For those looking for a reminder about the butt-fuck Random gave to Wylie (as I was), here’s a somewhat more informative link:

    1. Tyler9 October, 2013

      Interesting that he originally wanted to cut a deal with just Amazon.

  4. David9 October, 2013

    Amazon does sell a lot of shit. But some people like reading shit. And some people will even pay money to pay shit. So although we can dismiss amazon and some of their wares as shit, it doesn’t mean that there’s no place in (the publishing world) for the shit amazon sells.


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