Adobe Reader for Android Updated With New Import/Export Options, Improved Search, and more

Adobe rolledadobe-logo out a major update to their Android app today with new features including one which makes me jealous of Samsung smartphone owners. The new stuff includes support for conversion (paid, sadly), better support for Android devices running on Intel chips, an improved file browser, and more.

Adobe has revamped the search function with snippets. Rather than showing page numbers for search results, users will be shown text near the search results found in the document. With this users will be able to get some context around each of the results found in the document. They’ve also added support for multi-window view, though of course this will only work on devices that already supported the feature (like Samsung some smartphones).

This update also adds better access to online support and help pages, and it adds support for 2 conversion packs:  APDF and EPDF. One makes PDFs from other file formats while the other converts from PDFs to something useful. These to packs are not free; you can buy them from inside the app. They also require an active internet connection; the conversion is done on Adobe’s servers.

I don’t see any sign of the cost for the add on packs, but that’s okay because I don’t see  myself ever buying them. When i need to make a PDF I use Open Office, and I so rarely need to convert from PDFs that I don’t know the last time it came up.

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