Unlabeled Diagram, Random Chunks of Metal Show up Online, Bloggers Proclaim it the Next iPhone

In the SpringUnlabeled Diagram, Random Chunks of Metal Show up Online, Bloggers Proclaim it the Next iPhone Apple DeBunking Rumors a tech blogger's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of - new Apple gadgets.

A new set of photos has shown up on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, and in spite of any provenance to show that this has any relation to Apple many bloggers are already calling this an iPhone leak.

The photos are labeled iPhone 6 design drawings and show a blueprint, two halves of what may be an injection mold, and a couple photos of someone's monitor (showing digital blueprints for the mold). It's not clear from the photos exactly what device all this stuff is related to, so I would be careful about paying too much attention to the speculation.

IMO today's leak falls in the same category of unsubstantiated rumor as last month's Weibo leak. While this could be real, this kind of leak is far too easy for a practical joker to fake for us to consider it to be reliable.

The latest rumors going around the tech blogs say that Apple is going to release two larger iPhone models later this year, one with a 4.7" screen and the other with a 5.5" screen. But with a launch date not expected until September or October, it's really too early to say whether that will happen. Even if Apple plans to release larger iPhones, there is always a chance that one or both models will hit a roadblock as a result of design, QA, or manufacturing issues.

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