Opera 26 update adds a clunky and inconvienent way for you to share what you read

Opera 26 update adds a clunky and inconvienent way for you to share what you read Web Browser Opera rolled out a new version of its desktop browser today, and in addition to bug fixes and behind the scenes improvements Opera also added an awkward way for users to share bookmarks with their friends.

As you can see in the following video, sharing a link in the new version of Opera is as simple as one-two-three-four-five:

It looks like Opera may have been influenced by the bookmark manager which Google recently launched for Chrome, which is a shame. That manager isn't very functional or well-designed, and more importantly I think there already is a better way to share links online.

I've been sharing links online for about 5 years now, and in that time I have cut the steps required down to a minimum. Rather than use Operas's clunky method of saving a link before sharing it, I simply use bookmarklets to share a link for whatever page I am currently viewing.

For those who aren't familiar with the term, a bookmarklet is a small bit of code which sits in your web browser's bookmark folder (or more conveniently, the bookmark bar across the top of the browser window). A bookmarklet can be made to do many things, including enabling users to share links with a minimum of effort.

Most of the major social networks, including Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, have released bookmarklets which make it easier for users to share links on their respective networks. (Bitly has a good bookmarklet for Twitter, which is what I use.)

If you would like to use bookmarklets, here is where you can find a few of them:

Installing a bookmarklet is as easy as dragging it to your bookmark bar and letting go.

You'll need to be logged into an account on a network, but once you've done that the process is much simpler than Opera's method. Simply view the page you want, click the appropriate bookmarklet, and a pop up window will appear and let you can share a link to your preferred network.

Assuming you don't also want to save a copy of the link, I think this is a much better method, and it's one which works on all web browsers.

But that's just me; how do you like to share links?


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  1. Meh. Right-click -> Copy -> Paste where ever.

  2. I use “share” buttons where available, otherwise I just post manually where I want to. Big deal.

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