How to Install Apps on the Nook Glowlight Plus

How to Install Apps on the Nook Glowlight Plus calibre e-Reading Hardware Tips and Tricks It's been just over a week since Barnes & Noble launched their latest ereader. In that time the device has been hacked, the hidden web browser has been found, and now we have a way for you to install apps.

The trick will require a PC and a USB cable, and some serious technical know-how, but once you pull it off you could have an Android ereader which runs your choice of reading apps.

To install the apps, first you'll need to change a setting in a hidden menu on your Plus.

Open the Settings menu, navigate to the second page, and then open the "Software" menu. You should see an option for "Software version". Click on that three times to unlock the Plus's hidden menu.

Scroll down the screen until you see the option for "Development Options". Click that option, and when the new menu comes up check the box for "USB debugging".

Once you've done that, your next step will be to head over to XDA Forums. There you will find assistance with installing ADB on your computer, and tips on how to use that utility to install apps on your Plus.

I haven't tried this myself, but there are several reports on XDA Forums and MobileRead that this works. For example:

It took some effort involving installing Java, Android's Studio Bundle (A 1.1GB download) and re-familiarizing my self with a command prompt (how retro!) I now have Nova launcher, calibre companion, Stockfish Chess and Moon Reader pro running on my Nook.

Using Nova Launcher as the default launcher makes the NGP look like an android tablet from another manufacturer with nary a Nook reference to be found.

And a second MR member reported installing :

Installed Zeam Launcher, FBReader, Kindle and Button Savior. And I'm in business !

To put it simply, these two users have turned their proprietary B&N device into a more open Android device with a standard home screen and common third party apps like Kindle, FBReader, and Moon+.

That's great news for users!


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16 Comments on How to Install Apps on the Nook Glowlight Plus

  1. There’s just one little flaw with this trick. Putting it to any use requires actually having bought a Nook Glowlight Plus. 🙂

  2. Well, the question is, is the hardware compelling enough to drive people to buy a Nook instead of an open reader to start with?
    And what does it say that the first thing people install on hacked epub readers is other reading apps, even other epub apps?

    Anyway, since this is B&N I expect an update soon that blocks access to adb. That’s their track record, no?

  3. In your fourth paragraph, it says “Open the Settings men”, the word men should instead be “menu”.

    It is neat that the GlowLight can allow other apps to be installed.

  4. Any way to add fonts to it?

    • Well, you can embed fonts in an Epub before you load it on to the Glowlight Plus, but the only instructions I could find on adding fonts involved rooting it.

      But if you go through the above steps to install apps, then you should be able to use a similar trick to have ADB install fonts on the Plus.

      Alas, I can’t tell you how; I no longer have one.

  5. Any defects in the Nook Glowlight Plus?
    How is the touch responsiveness?

    Can you disable the light completely or just turn it down?


  6. can i install wattpad?
    if i actually do this, is there a way to undo it?

  7. Computer illiterate reader here. Can anybody in the UK unlock my nook glowlight plus so that I can use fbr on it. The b&n embedded reader is not as usable and the fonts and sizes don’t suit my eyesight. Willing to pay for unlocking or rooting or whatever you tech savvy folk call it. I’m a simple plumber and programming the central heating timer is about my IT limit. Thanks. Email [email protected]

    • I can do this, but i’m not in the UK. It’s really quite easy and does not really require much IT knowledge. If you can follow the tutorials that are available and able to attach your nook to your computer then you have all the knowledge that you need to do it.

  8. The new updated version there is no software version that you can tap 3 times. Nook must have changed with the updated version

  9. Benjamin Handelman // 14 September, 2017 at 7:30 pm // Reply

    They changed the name of the button from Software to About. It still works.

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