Firefox adds Tracking Protection to Private Browsing Mode

Mozilla today said it has added a new feature to its Firefox Private Browsing mode called Tracking Protection. The new feature gives users more control over the data that third parties receive from the browser.

firefox logo“We first added Private Browsing to Firefox to give you control over your privacy locally by not saving your browser history and cookies when you close a private window,” said Nick Nguyen, VP, Firefox Product at Mozilla. “However, when you browse the Web, you can unknowingly share information about yourself with third parties that are separate from the site you’re actually visiting, even in Private Browsing mode on any browser. Until today.”

Firefox’s Private Browsing feature will block content such as online ads, analytics trackers, and social share buttons from recording the users behavior without their knowledge.

Firefox has a market share of around 15 percent in the US, according to the analytics company Clicky. That places the browser behind Chrome (around 45%), Internet Exploer (around 25%), but ahead of Safari (around 10%). On the mobile side, Chrome leads (around 43%), with Safari second (around 37%) and IE lags behind (at around 17%). These numbers won’t add up due to the wild variance that occurs on any given day.

(Stat counter gives Chrome’s marketshare at over 50 percent and says IE and Firefox usage are now about equal at 15 percent each, and Safari below 10 percent.)

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