Apple Rumors are Now So Lame That the Only Juicy One Involves the Name of the Next-Gen iPad

ipad proThe latest rumors concerning Apple’s March event are that rather than calling the next edition of the standard sized iPad an “iPad Air” the company will call it an iPad Pro.

Big deal, right?

Whatever Apple decides to call it, the new iPad will still be a tablet with a 9.7 ” display, but with upgraded specs from the previous model. If the older model had sold better, and was actually sold out, Apple could simply call it an “iPad”, but with sales slow there will be a need to differentiate it from the older model so that model can be discounted.

In fact, price is the key, will Apple raise the price just because they have slapped the word “Pro” on to the name? I doubt it, These rumors are almost always about how the price will go up, then the CEO gets to unveil the price and everyone is cheered that it is, in fact, just the same as before.

The real issue might be storage, which Apple keeps at 16 GB for the entry level model. My guess is that Apple keeps it at this level just out of pure stubbornness. The company seems to think that consumers care about thinness, and it also seems to think that complaints about the lack of storage and ports is just so much talk. So it is unlikely to change its ways just because sales are declined eight quarters in a row.

The Apple event is March 15, the same day as another round of primaries.

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  1. Frank29 February, 2016

    This event is postponed a week to March 22 or 23. Other than the next 9.7-inch iPad, the new 4-inch iPhone, likely to be called iPhone SE will be announced.


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