Aldi Rebrands a Budget Onyx eReader in Belgium – 79 Euros

Aldi Rebrands a Budget Onyx eReader in Belgium - 79 Euros e-Reading Hardware The European branches of Aldi have been slapping the Aldi brand on other company's ereaders since 2010. Last year it was an unidentified model from an unknown Chinese company, but this year Aldi is going upscale.

Aldi Belgium is now listing an unnamed 6" ereader for 79 euros. It's going to be in stores next week, and comes with a case.

Based on the screen contents, the Aldi ereader shows every sign of being an Onyx model. It has a 6" screen, frontlight, and touchscreen.The screen resolution is not mentioned, but the listing does say that it has 4GB internal storage and a microSD card slot. There's also no mention of audio, and given the price I would not expect it.

If you get your hands on one, let me know what you find. I'm curious which Onyx model we're looking at.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Peet18 June, 2016

    Bought one today, looking good, nice protective case, no wifi.
    Specifications : 6 inch E-ink (Carta HD)
    Resolution : 1024×758
    Capacitive multi-touch screen
    Android 4.2.2.
    Adobo DRM
    Pictures: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF
    Audio: MP3, WAV
    Clock and Agenda
    Li-on battery 1700 mAH
    dimensions: 170,2×117,3×8,7mm
    weight: 195 gram
    accessoires: Micro USB to USB 2.0 cable, 220 V adapter, manual, protective case
    Installation apps third parties possible
    languages: english, french, german
    TTS (only English)

    I am not a regular user of E-books but it looks good and the price is okay

  2. Peet18 June, 2016

    Forgotten to mention :
    nice frontlight works well in the dark
    internal memory 8GB (free: 6,16 GB)
    Processor: Dual cortex A9,1.2G
    RAM : DDR3 512MB

  3. karl21 June, 2016

    Bought one as well, and am quite pleased with it.

    When hooked to another device, it calls itself ‘boox’ as well, so there’s no mystery there.

    The audio exit is a nice plus, not mentioned in the ad. The ad also said it was only 4GB, in fact it is 8GB, expandable through microSD up to 32GB. I’m still thinking there must be some wifi possible, that’s the only downside I can find. There are more operating languages possible than the three mentioned above.

    Oh, and most of the stock is already gone, alas…

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 June, 2016

      I don’t think it has Wifi.

  4. karl21 June, 2016

    It’s probably the C67ML Carta (a regular C67ML, but with a Carta screen and 8GB storage instead of 4GB, launched in May 2015).

  5. stebal22 June, 2016

    I buy one, the only think is that there are no dictionary on it but i find a directory name “dictionary” so i think that it’s possible to add one. If you find the solution to add one write it. thanks

  6. Kunvp25 June, 2016
  7. Peet25 June, 2016

    yes the same specs as the Onyx Boox C67ML Carta with a protecting case but WITHOUT WIFI, a little strange but not a problem for me.

  8. Koen Van Praet27 June, 2016

    Reading SOFTWARE:
    The reader comes with 2 readers: the default ICARUS READER (dev1548-cC69ddb7) and installed as een app Oreader (from Onyx). The latter is accesable trough apps (I have chosen to put it on the homescreen).

    ICARUS READER (dev1548-cC69ddb7)
    Oreader (versio: 1.710507)

  9. Roger3 August, 2016

    We have a problem, connecting to an Apple device. The laptop doesn’t recognise the ereader. What could happen ? A ny idea to solve the issue ?

    1. Ed27 August, 2016

      Hey Roger,

      Have you tried calibre? We use it as a server an on our linux machines and it connects flawlessly. There’s a mac port to.

      Wreed geweldige boekenapp!



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