BookShout Partners With T-Mobile to Distribute 237,000 eBooks

BookShout Partners With T-Mobile to Distribute 237,000 eBooks eBookstore Freebies Bookshout is an ebook startup which initially started out with an app which let you import your Kindle and Nook libraries. It later pivoted to bulk ebook distribution (giveaways at airports and and the like).

On Tuesday it announced a new giveaway, this time with T-Mobile.

BookShout, an elegant eBook platform focused on creating new digital initiatives for top brands, companies, and partners, today announced it distributed more than 237,000 eBooks as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays. The engagement, which occurred over two separate 24-hour blocks, resulted in customers reading more than 97,000,000 words read on the top day.

BookShout distributed more than 111,000 eBooks of Claudia’s Cocina: A Taste of Mexico, and another 127,000 eBooks for T-Mobile Tuesday’s Vacation Reads program, which allowed T-Mobile customers to choose one of 10 bestselling HarperCollins eBooks for a beach read. No other brand has distributed this many eBooks in such a short amount of time as part of a creative campaign.

This may sound like a rather mundane story, but  given that Amazon dominates ebook retail and that readers have demonstrated a general disinterest in new enhanced ebook formats, ebook distribution is perhaps the one segment left where we could see real innovation and disruption.

While I do agree with Mike Shatzkin in that the ebook market has settled down, I'd like to see that changed. And Bookshout, or one of its competitors like Shelfie, could be the company to do it.

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