Are You Having Problems With Your Kobo Aura One SleepCover?

kobo-aura-one-sleepcoverThe Kobo Aura One is Kobo’s biggest and best ereader, but according to some owners this ereader is not without its problems.

Several owners have reported a battery issue, and now we have a report of a problem with the sleepcover.

Jay Summet posted the following video on Youtube where he shows the Aura One displaying baffling behavior with its sleepcover.

At least one of the problems shown in the video isn’t really a problem; the nuisance of the metal table putting the Aura One to sleep is a design issue shared by all devices with sleepcovers (I’ve seen in on Kindles, Android tablets, etc).

But the issue with the Aura One not going to sleep when the cover is closed, now that could be serious – if the defect can be replicated by other Aura One owners. I have so far found only this one complaint, so at this point we don’t know whether this is a one-of-a-kind fluke or a real problem.

Have you had any issues with the sleepcover on your Kobo Aura One?

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  1. Paul Fitzsimmons21 September, 2016

    My new device (arrived yesterday) had battery level drop from 95% to 30% overnight after closing the sleep cover. I haven’t had the time to do any other testing, but something is certainly wrong.

  2. tired21 September, 2016

    I don’t have a problem with the cover.

    Paul I’ve had a battery problem like you do, but I don’t think that is the cover at all. By the mobilereads thread I’ve found that the automatic syncing and light control seem to be at fault. Mostly the former. Following their advise I’ve seemed to have fixed my battery problem.

  3. Geert21 September, 2016

    According to information on the Mobileread forum there will be a firmware update on September 26 to fix the battery problem.
    I received my sleepcover last Saturday at it works fine.

  4. DavidW21 September, 2016

    “But the issue with the Aura One not going to sleep when the cover is closed”

    I’ve watched the video and she does NOT close the cover, which is the problem. I actually close my cover which causes the Kobo to sleep.

    Geert thanks for the update, it’s good to know that in a few days a patch will fix the problem.

  5. Mary22 September, 2016

    I have a Kobo Glo HD whose sleep cover is now turned off in settings because it only worked erratically. So it is now just a cover and I have to press the button to wake up the device. So the Aura One is not unique in that respect.

  6. Valerie22 September, 2016

    As the person in the video, I’ll chime in. There are (were, since I’m sending it back) at least 2 issues with my sleepcover:

    1) phantom page turns, highlights, dictionary lookups, menus etc. Lots of people on MobileReads were reporting this issue w/ the sleepcover. This happens because the sleepcover does not cause the device to register as “closed” fast enough. Then sleepcover then conveys presses through the cover before the device goes to sleep. The problem of the cover conveying the touches is shown in the video. (I personally think this is a lousy design and a cover should not be conductive, but that’s just me and others are free to disagree.)

    2) The device not going to sleep when the cover is closed. I had 2 incidents where I closed the cover and the device never went to sleep (and since I was reading with lights, the battery went down by ~70% overnight). This may be related to #1 (probably not), or it may be a by product of the cover having too much play or the magnets not being properly aligned.

    Regardless, having both of these issues after paying $50 for the “official cover” was too much for me.

  7. Ian24 September, 2016

    I had exactly the same problems as Valerie which leads me to ask, why wasn’t this product road tested properly? These are basic issues which make you wonder whether anyone from Kobo actually tried the device with the sleep cover on??

    I also have the battery drain issue which seems to be common at the moment.

  8. Henry Wood25 September, 2016

    Same problems here. Phantom page turns, highlighting and more. It never reopens the book I am reading on the page I bookmarked and closed. Overnight battery drain from 67% down to 32%, with Wi-Fi disabled means I’m having to recharge almost every day.

    Why, oh why do I keep being so impatient and buying new models as soon as they come out? If only I could learn to wait but at 72 years old maybe I might not get it in time if I wait! :-/

  9. Dave26 September, 2016

    Kobo-Ereader’s magnet for autosleep is on right corner (2cm x 2cm border eink panel line). All of kobo reader has magnet same position.

    So, closing cover of Kobo aura one on Youtube is not actually auto sleep state. You have to cover whole screen with case.

  10. Dave26 September, 2016

    oh, right bottom corner. sorry.

  11. Valerie27 September, 2016

    The video wasn’t trying to show the device in a sleep state. I’m holding up the corner in the video to deliberately keep it from going to sleep so I can show how you get presses through the cover. I was shocked that a sleep cover was conductive so I made a video showing that.

    It was showing what happens when the device delays going to sleep by 1-2 seconds after the cover is closed. The important point is that the cover is conductive, and you get presses THROUGH the cover. This leads to what many of us are reporting: phantom page turns, presses, etc before the device goes to sleep. So when people open the cover and the reader starts back up, they’re on a different page (or other annoying artifacts). It’s a highly annoying flaw and incredibly predictable.

  12. Rob29 September, 2016

    Major problem with the battery drain and also with wifi staying connected. I am pretty disappointed with my first purchase of a Kobo

  13. DavidW29 September, 2016

    The word is capacitive not conductive.

  14. DavidW30 September, 2016

    But yeah I see what you mean now, and have experienced rogue page turns as well.

  15. Ken Poole30 September, 2016

    1 – i am having the phantom page turn issue
    2 – the aura one does not stay in the cover – the bottom keeps coming out of the cover – if I look at it from the side, the top of the ereader is flush with the cover back, the bottom is sticking up.

  16. DavidW6 October, 2016

    I dealt with #1 by disabling the auto sleepcover options (so I have to use the power button). This will do until a firmware update fixes it.

    For #2 you should probably have it exchanged, it sounds like a manufacturing defect.

    I’m surprised that Nate didn’t report on the bigger issue which is the battery problem. Despite the small install base for this ereader it has even been reported on some tech sites.

  17. Remco8 October, 2016

    I had the same issue with the battery. After unpacking the ereader and setting it up, the initial software update failed due to low battery. Tried to change settings, but nothing worked. After 2 weeks with battery issues the ereader suddenly started the software update and after a reset the issue was solved.

    The cover is indeed not putting the Kobo in sleep-mode. The only thing that seems to work is putting the ereader in sleepmode manually before closing the cover. Very annoying!!

  18. M van der Veen10 October, 2016

    1. Sleepcover didn’t work
    2. Sleepcover gives phantom page turns
    3. Closing the sleepcover starts automatically synchronisation even though i turned it off for better battery use
    4. Battery drops in a few hours from 70 to zero percent
    5. Screensnsitivity is very bad
    6. In 3 of four kobo aura one readers there is a yellow glow over one third of the screen
    I had 4 different kobo aura e- readers and all gave problems. I brought them all back to the store.
    At first kobo denied the problems untill my 6th e- mail: they said that they unscribe the problems and hope a software update solves it all.

  19. Bill17 October, 2016

    1) Sleepcover doesn’t turn of lighting much of the time
    2) Battery drops 70 to 90 present in 8 hours or so (with brightness at 11 percent)
    3) Sleepcover often gives phantom page turns


  20. Bill18 October, 2016

    As previously mentioned,
    1) Sleepcover doesn’t turn off lighting much of the time
    2) Battery drops 70 to 90 present in 8 hours or so (with brightness at 11 percent)
    3) Sleepcover often gives phantom page turns
    —I called Kobo and the connection was broken” 3 times. Prior to Kobo’s customer service “losing” contact with me, I heard three solutions:
    1) Take off the sleepcover for a few weeks and see if that helps
    2) Perform a factory reset
    3) Return the sleepcover and get a new one.
    I will probably wind up doing all three operations. I will also try out one of those $10.00 Kobo Aura One third party sleepcovers that are made in China and easily available on eBay.

  21. DavidW18 October, 2016

    I turned off the sleepcover options in the settings. I manually put it to sleep by pushing the power button.

    The firmware update did nothing to resolve the sleepcover issues but it did solve the battery drain issue (the non-sleepcover related one).

    I don’t think that it is the cover, I think that it is the software. Please let me know if I’m wrong and a third party sleepcover works flawlessly.

  22. Craig9 November, 2016

    Surprised at the negatives and I think I will wait to purchase or perhaps, revisit Kindle!

  23. Rob18 November, 2016

    My sleep cover causes one page turn when I close it. Sometimes it fails to sleep and this causes battery drain. It is best to turn off with the button if you will not be using it for a while.

  24. Haesslich23 November, 2016

    For the record, I bit the bullet and switched over from the H20 to the One last week, primarily due to the lower weight and flush glass screen of the latter (no lint or dust getting caught in the corners of the screen).

    The official sleep cover hasn’t caused me any issues for the most part – it’s kept the Aura One off even while being jostled a bag, and only seems to not work when I hastily close the cover without making sure that the lower right corner is touching the unit – that’s where the Hall sensor has been in previous Kobo readers with sleep covers (like the Aura v1 and the Kobo Glo before it).

    But when in doubt, I just use the covered power button (helpfully articulated by the rubber cover in the official sleep cover) before I close the cover. It still turns on when I open the cover… which was all I was looking for in the first place.

    I do wish the magnet placement was better or the magnet in the cover was stronger, but I’ve yet to have it flop open as easily as the official H20 sleep cover did. Now that was a useless cover – it almost doubled the weight of the unit and couldn’t stay shut due to the front cover being too heavy for the magnet.

  25. Jon11 December, 2016

    I too am having issues with the sleep cover and battery life with my Kobo Aura One…Very disappointed with battery life…It can drain 60% over night with WiFi off and powered off.

  26. Problems with the Kobo Aura One cover? – Site Title12 December, 2016

    […] are some reports of problems with the Kobo Aura One’s official cover – specifically, some covers fail to put […]

  27. Angie13 December, 2016

    I have had many of the same problems: not sleeping, phantom page turns and dictionary highlights.

  28. Jon17 December, 2016

    My sleep cover does not work either

  29. Tim19 December, 2016

    Bought for wife as Christmas gift and the battery dies fast, read this thread and removed from sleep cover bought with Kobo one and the battery lasts a long time. Kobo’s sleep cover is defective. Glad I caught before battery was damaged. Now I have to return cover and find another case for new Kobo. They should have tested this before releasing it. We have had every Kobo made through the years and never had too many problems except when they get past one year they freeze up constantly so we replace with newer model. I am very disappointed after spending over $300.00 for new Kobo One and sleep cover and hope Kobo fixes this issue.

  30. Chris7 January, 2017

    It appears a few problems are fixed with the most recent update (4.2.8110 – december 12th 2016). For me (kobo Aura One):
    – no more battery drain issues,
    – just rarely odd behavior (phantom pageturns etc.) after opening the cover, probablly depending on how quickly it is pulled away from the screen.
    Also, it appears that the auto-backlight is improved, although Kobo did not put that in their fixed list with this release. 🙂 I used to do this manually since it was just a mess, but now I can savely put it on auto and it seems to be doing a good job.

  31. Laura3 March, 2018

    My cover is putting my kobo to sleep when it’s open. Like it’s too sensitive and is hitting the power button and putting it to sleep.


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