Morning Coffee – 24 November 2016

Morning Coffee - 24 November 2016 Morning Coffee Here are five stories to read this morning.

  1. Bookmate: E-book reader app from Russia takes on international markets (Russia Beyond The Headlines)
  2. Do 'Digital Natives' Prefer Paper Books to E-Books? (Education Week)
  3. Effingham Library Adds Book Vending Machine - Story (Illinois
  4. Macmillan Expands Scope of Swoon Reads (PW)
  5. Unique copy of first full-length audio book found in Canada (The Guardian)

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3 Comments on Morning Coffee – 24 November 2016

  1. Interesting story about the vending machine in Effingham. Nice to see more libraries trying this sort of thing.

    I’ve driven through Effingham a number of times, as it’s right on the path between Springfield, MO and Indianapolis. Always used to joke that it was named for pizza toppings. “I want pepperoni, and I want sausage, but I don’t want no effing ham!” 🙂

  2. As interesting as the “Digital Natives prefer print books” article is, I think the results are skewed by the fact that kids at that age don’t normally spend the money to purchase these books. For me, the decision to read ebooks depends a lot on price.

  3. That is great read. It looks like Blaster books needs get into peppe books

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