Kindle for iOS Updated with Ragged Right Formatting

Earlier this year Amazon released a new firmware for the Kindle that added a "ragged right" justification option.

Now they have added the same option to the Kindle iOS app.

Kindle for iOS Updated with Ragged Right Formatting e-Reading Software Kindle (platform)

According to the changelog, the v5.12 Kindle app for iPad and iPhone lets users share their notes on Goodreads and it also enables them to change the alignment to ragged right:

For customers who have linked their Goodreads and Amazon accounts, you can now post your Kindle notes and highlights to your friends and followers on Goodreads.

You can now read using left-aligned (ragged right) text instead of justified (aligned on both left and right margin). This new alignment option can be selected from the Display Settings (Aa) menu within Kindle books that support Enhanced Typesetting. On the Kindle eBook Store page, look for "Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled" in the features list.

Speaking as someone who looks for this as a standard feature in my reading apps, I am thrilled to see Amazon finally add it to their iOS app.

It's a pity that this took so long.

You can find the app in iTunes.

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5 Comments on Kindle for iOS Updated with Ragged Right Formatting

  1. “Speaking as someone who looks for this as a standard feature in my reading apps, I am thrilled to see Amazon finally add it to their iOS app.”

    So interesting. I can’t read a book unless it’s fully justified. I picked up an ebook once that had ragged right justification and to my eyes it looked like amateur hour, like someone had handed it to someone for layout who didn’t know anything about either coding or layout. But I guess I’m just used to print and still look for a digital experience as close to print as possible. I’ve heard that it’s because people hate that ebooks don’t hyphenate or kern well, but those exceptions where that’s tripped it up have in my experience been outliers.

    • On the flip side of that I hate the ones that stretch or compress a line badly just to make it ‘fit’.

      As it says, it’s an ‘option’, so we both can pick the way we want to read it.

  2. They still haven’t gotten rid of that gawdawful “page turn” instead of the instant jump I prefer that’s been an option on other book readers for over a decade. There’s a reason I convert kindle books to ePub with Calibre and read ’em on iOS Marvin.

  3. there are two options for page progression in the settings (animated page turns and non-animated). you dislike both of them?

  4. I find ragged right works better for me when I’m reading in bed, without my glasses, and I have the font set really big. Justified text looks pretty good on screen if the font is smaller but it can be ugly with a large font.

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