Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary, eMuseum and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Friday, June 30

Editor’s Note: The following is a compilation of tweets from @PaulKBiba, the former editor of Teleread and an editor of Project Gutenberg’s Facebook page.

The 2017 Smashwords Survey is out! Multiple industry-firsts in this data. Check it out at (Smashwords)

New findings suggest it might be better to read toddlers an e-book than a print book (Research Digest)

ebooks in Bamanankan, Hausa, Fufulde, Pulaar, Mandinka, Wolof,…
at the African Language Materials Archive (Digital Library for International Research)

“Impact of Loading Vendor E-Books Records on the Library Catalog and Initiatives to Improve Discovery” (Infodocket)

Hoopla Digital and HarperCollins Disrupt Library E-Lending (Copyright and Technology)

HarperCollins Sign Pay-per-Lend Agreements with Freading, Hoopla, OverDrive (The Digital Reader)

Cloudshelf Reader Epub3 App Released for Android, iOS (The Digital Reader)

Our New Book Formatting Resource Page (Indies Unlimited)

Meet the Members Council: @GeorgiaLHop tells us about the National Library of Greece’s digital services @NLG_EBE (Europeana)

The Problem with Hoopla’s Pay-Per-Loan Model (The Digital Reader)

The Toronto Star, “surprised by low numbers,” is shutting down Star Touch, its expensive tablet app (Nieman Lab)

Co-Branded Kindle X Migu Launches in China, Has Two eBookstores (The Digital Reader)

Apprentice Alf DeDRM Tools Updated (v6.5.4) (The Digital Reader)

Tsadra Foundation launches online library of Tibetan texts (Lion’s Roar)

Authors Alliance Posts Interview with Amy Brand, Director of the MIT Press, on “Digitizing The MIT Press Backlist” (Infodocket)

Future of Libraries in the Digital Age | Architectural Digest (LIS News)

Kindle for iOS Updated with Ragged Right Formatting (The Digital Reader)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Makes 104K+ Artistic Images from Its Collections Available on (Open Culture)

Digital media challenge children’s rights around the world (Media Policy Project Blog)

GPO Announces Digital Release of Historical Congressional Record for the 1950s (Infodocket)

A Tribute to Librarians (Marie Lebert)

Hommage au bibliothécaire, héros des temps modernes (Marie Lebert)

On Standard eBooks’ “Light Modernization” (The Digital Reader)

University of Arkansas: New Historical Digital Archive Tells the Story of an Early HBCU (Infodocket)

Europe’s Geo-Blocking Debate: Booksellers on the Ropes (Publishing Perspectives)

O’Reilly is Shuttering Its eBookstore (The Digital Reader)

eBook Prices Could Increase in Australia on 1 July (The Digital Reader)

Le rapport de l’I. Montaigne sur le numérique et l’enseignement supérieur (& pourquoi il serait…par @affordanceinfo (Affordance)

#Audiobooks are on the rise. Here are 9 reasons why (Ebook Friendly)

JellyBooks Shuts Down Its eBook Discovery Service
(The Digital Reader)

Chance for better, less onerous #NZ rules? ‘Out of date’ copyright regime to go under the microscope next year: (NZ Herald)

Browse a Collection of Over 83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns (Open Culture)

Audiobook Anxiety and What Constitutes ‘Real’ Reading (The Walrus)

Ingram acquires Book Network Int’l Limited, international print and ebook distributor (No Shelf Required)

Research Article: “E-Preferred Approval Books at the University of Manitoba: A Comparison of Print and Ebook Usage” (Infodocket)

An observation from @Jellybooks’ reader analytics for non-fiction books: (Medium)

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