Do You Carry Your eReader Naked?

Yesterday’s arrival of a Kobo Forma review unit got me thinking about cases.

The review unit did not come with a case, which is a shame because I prefer to use cases on ereaders. Most ereaders now have smartcovers, and the automatic wake up feature makes it just as easy and pleasant to pick up and read an ereader as it is to read a book.

What do you think? Do you carry your ereader with a cover, or do you carry it naked?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Dan Robinson3 October, 2018

    I’ve always used a cover, starting with my first Kindle, 2nd gen.

  2. Steve Warr3 October, 2018

    Always use a cover to help protect both the screen, and the device. The added bonus is the auto wake-up to where you left off, akin to using a bookmark!

  3. Andy3 October, 2018

    I used to use a cover – until one day i tried reading without, and discovered I like that a lot better. It’s easier to read without the front piece flapping around everywhere. Also – it’s very slightly lighter to hold, which I’m embarrassed to say I enjoy.

    But! If I had a Kindle with Special Offers, I would probably keep the case on. But using a Voyage with the big power button on the back there’s no need. I use a Kobo Aura H2O, too, and definitely won’t use a case with that.

  4. Claudia3 October, 2018

    I used to use my Nook Glowlight without a cover, but then I accidentally dropped something on it. Afterwards, with the “glowlight” feature turned off and using a different light source (sunlight, lamp), it looked perfectly fine; however, with the glowlight on, it looked like there were a bunch of bullet holes in the screen. Very unsightly and quite distracting, so now I always protect my e-readers with a case!

  5. Suz3 October, 2018

    I usually use a cover but during long reading sessions I remove them for the lighter weight.

  6. Bill Peschel3 October, 2018

    I have a zippered cover for my Kindle Touch and it helps secure the reading light.

  7. Patrick Cassidy3 October, 2018

    I carry a Kobo Mini with me everywhere in my shirt pocket, and I use the Kobo silicone cover REVERSED to protect the screen while it is in my pocket. Only a moment’s work to pull it off and swap it to the back to read…

    Our larger eReaders mostly stay at home, and they hang out in cases when not in use, but get read naked…

  8. Aaron3 October, 2018

    I used a cover on my KK, but once I got a Paperwhite I decided not to get one and havent looked back. I find them much more enjoyable to use without a cover.

  9. tired3 October, 2018

    I prefer the ereader naked these days.

    I use a cover when the reader travels, or if the reader is not grippy enough.

  10. Larry Deaton3 October, 2018

    A cover … always. I do drop things and i don’t want to damage any of my several eReaders.

  11. Geese13 October, 2018

    I’ve used a cover on all but my Kindle Keyboard. Of course, my original Kindle Oasis came with a cover by default, but I liked the design so much that I got one of the official Amazon covers when I ordered my Oasis 2. Love how it stays protected when not in use, but then just snaps off when it’s time to read!

  12. Jan3 October, 2018

    My Kindle Paperwhite lives in a folio-style case. Very comfortable to use. But if I am carrying it in my purse, I will take it out of the case and put it in a sleeve, because it fits better. So sometimes it’s covered, and sometimes not.

  13. Michelle Fallgatter Elkhatib3 October, 2018

    Every Kindle I have ever purchased has been kept in a case and has had a protective screen to keep it from getting damaged. I usually get a cover that doesn’t add a lot of weight but allows me to stand up my kindle whenever I don’t want to or can’t hold it.

  14. Steve H.3 October, 2018

    Oasis,Carry with cover, read naked

  15. george zunic3 October, 2018

    read on kindle paperwhite at home. store it in a sleeve when not in use. read on a smartphone when away from home.

  16. Harmon3 October, 2018

    Oasis 1 & 2. The 1 hangs out by my bed, normally uncovered. Occasionally goes into the cover to recharge. The 2 is by my reading chair. I read it naked (not me, the kindle) but put it away in the cover. When I leave the house, whichever I take goes in a cover.

  17. Tarwin4 October, 2018

    I use a cover/case but that’s Notre to protect the glass substrate (already had two readers die that way). One of the reasons the forma interests me…

  18. Robert Spencer4 October, 2018

    I tried the cases with covers, twice, don’t like the flappy bit.

    My Kindle now sits in a gel case that protects it if it’s dropped and makes it easier to grip.

  19. Xaver Basora4 October, 2018


    Covered. They’re delicate instruments and break easily.


  20. Will Entrekin4 October, 2018

    I used to carry my Paperwhite without one. I upgraded to the Oasis 2, and I keep it with its cover to travel/stow but take the cover off to read.

  21. Dan4 October, 2018

    Cover, leather, from Oberon Design, it makes it feel more like an artifact, and less like a sterile device.

  22. Ana4 October, 2018

    Always in a cover, it helps supporting the reader while I’m reading in bed (on my side, with the cover partially open to sustain the eReader on it’s side) or while I’m cooking or doing the dishes. It helps getting a better grip on it when I’m out.

  23. Snow4 October, 2018

    Naked, but I have a carrying case that I slip my Kobo Aura HD into when I carry it around to keep the ereader from getting scratched in a bag. I’ve had my Kobo for at least 5 years and only just recently dropped it on concrete and scratched the case a bit. (Reading poolside with a glass of wine did raise the likelihood of a drop.) I feel it would be too bulky with an attached case.

  24. EARLE BEACH4 October, 2018

    I’ve always gotten covers for mine. Was disappointed that I could only find a flip-top for my Nook but that turns out to be the least of my disappointments with it.

    Got a beautiful Fintie cover for my Oasis; it’s my first that’ll turn the reader on. And it helps keep me from accidentally hitting the screen. But I notice it’s getting creases on the back already from when I read it on a flat surface and hit a page turn button. That would be a big advantage for me with the new Kobo’s flat back.

  25. Lewis Johnson4 October, 2018

    I always use a cover too. Help prevents scratches that can permanently damage the screen.

  26. Cesar4 October, 2018

    I use it naked because I don’t like the flappy lid/cover. I also have dropped my ereader several times, so the corners are damaged, (deformed actually)

    I wish that there were bumpers or cases like those for smartphones, but there seems that there are no market for them, at least for my reader (Kobo Aura, N514)

  27. Kate4 October, 2018

    I carry mine everywhere, so when it’s in the purse, it has a cover.

    But I take it off when I’m reading.

  28. Hrafn5 October, 2018

    I keep my eReader (Onyx Boox Kepler Pro) beside my reading chair without a cover, but put the cover on it whenever I take it out of the house with me.

  29. Ronald Newton5 October, 2018

    I use a cover with my Kindle Fire e-reader. A convenient way to prop it up with one hand on a table.

  30. Frank5 October, 2018

    I always use a cover because I have dropped it a few times and the cover/case protects the device. I use the offical Amazon leather cover.

  31. Allen F7 October, 2018

    My old kindle gets slipped into a ziplock bag if it might get rained on. 😉



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