First Brexit, Now This: Jacob Rees-Mogg Wants Staff to Use Two Spaces After a Period

As you may know, there’s a fairly common practice that when an official is elected or appointed to a new position, said official sends out a style guide for their staff.

Usually the style guide merits barely a footnote, but not for Jacob Rees-Mogg, the new leader of the House of Commons. The Guardian brought our attention to the standard that Rees-Moog has set. Not only does he demand the monstrously evil (two spaces after a period, and no Oxford Comma) but he has also banned the metric system in favor of imperial measurements.

I would, in all seriousness, pay money if someone hands him a statement to read where the measurement is counted in bushels, furlongs, or some other obscure measure rarely used any more outside of specific industries.

While you are at it, you should also use the other words he has banned: “very”, “due to”,  “ongoing”, “equal”, “yourself”, and “unacceptable”. Rees-Mogg also barred the use of “invest (in schools, etc)”, “no longer fit for purpose” , “lot”, “got”, and “I am pleased to learn”.

Who wants to see if we can make his head explode?

On a related note, I think we can see why his book on the Victorians was so badly written that one reviewer hoped he would never write again. Rees-Mogg has apparently been inflicted with so many pointless rules of writing by over-zealous teachers that it has crippled his writing style.

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    Haha. Yikes…

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