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Malin Poggemann

80th birthday: 80 sayings, 8 texts + 5 gift ideas

For 80th birthday we have sayings and texts with pictures for you, which are suitable for any kind of birthday girl. Use them for inspiration or write them directly in a birthday card. You will also find and some nice gift ideas for the eightieth.

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70th birthday: 60 wishes + 7 texts for the celebration

Everyone spends their 70th birthday in their own way. Some take it easy and enjoy the time with their family, others are still full of energy. To help you find a great saying for your congratulations that also fits the celebrant, we have created a selection for you.

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Decision making: 9 tips & 5 simple methods

A person makes countless decisions during the day. These include serious decisions such as the choice of profession, and everyday decisions such as the choice of clothing and breakfast. We have valuable tips regarding decision making for you in the following.

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