Review: Kindle (2016)

9 July, 2016 // 32 Comments

The first shipments of the new Kindle model started to arrive on doorsteps over the past few days. My loaner review unit showed up on Thursday morning, and I've spent the past three days playing with [Read More ...]

Freewrite: How NOT to do Software

9 May, 2016 // 41 Comments

The first user reviews of the Freewrite retro word processor are coming in, and that's not good news for the device's maker, Astrohaus. Author and publisher K S Augustin has graciously responded to [Read More ...]

Kindle Oasis Review Round-Up

28 April, 2016 // 25 Comments

Amazon's latest and most expensive ereader officially started arriving yesterday in consumer's hands yesterday while at the same time the reviews have started showing up online. Unless Google has [Read More ...]
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