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Support & Hosting

Keeping on top of software updates, security threats and nagging technical issues can feel like a full-time job. A website is like a puppy – it frequently needs attention, but keeping it happy can steal time from your writing.

So why not let us take care of it for you?

We can fix or update your site and bill you by the hour, or we can offer you  a monthly support plan. Our hourly rate is $100 per hour, and we’ll quote our expected costs in advance. If that is works for you, please contact us.

If not, why don’t we tell you about our support plans.


Our entry-level plan was built for authors who want a secure home for their website, but had no need to make frequent updates. Our market-leading services includes:

  • free site migration
  • up to 2 GB storage (more than enough for the typical author site)
  • unlimited traffic
  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • daily updates to existing themes and plugins
  • 24-hour uptime monitoring
  • daily backups

Website hosting is handled through Write Site Hosting. Click the button below to find out more.

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The Handyman plan is made for authors who want an expert to take care of their site and be on-call to update the site as needed. We can host your site if you want, or we can do the work wherever your site is hosted.

This plan costs $25 per month, and includes:

  • 24-hour security monitoring
  • daily updates to existing themes and plugins
  • 24-hour uptime monitoring
  • daily backups
  • up to two (2) requests for support* per month
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The Concierge plan is built for authors who want the best support for their site. It costs $50 per month, and includes:

  • everything in the Roomie plan, and
  • unlimited support requests.

Yes, when we say unlimited we do mean unlimited.  And not only will we make as many updates and changes as requested, we will also work proactively to speed up your site using WP Rocket (a $39 value), as well as Smush, Hummingbird, and other paid plugins (a $600 value).

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Here are a few of the things we can do for you:

  • We can troubleshoot technical issues, clean up spam, optimize your database, and help run your site.
  • We can set up a contact form and integrate it into your site, making sure that visitors will always be able to reach you.
  • We can keep your data safe and secure by implementing regular offsite backups, and by monitoring the latest security threats.
  • We can check that your site remains fully flexible and responsive, and that it fix it so that it looks great on mobile devices.
  • We can help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), working with you to improve your blog’s URL structure and internal link architecture, optimize your images and improve your meta-tagging.
  • We can help set up a mailing list sign-up form so that you can stay in regular contact with your audience.
  • We can update your platform and plugins, and help you identify which plugins aren’t working as well as which ones you don’t need because they are all doing the same job.
  • We can help you publish your blog or your mailing list.

How can we help you?

Let us know!

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