Kindle Unlimited Rumored to Launch in Brazil in Early 2015

1435372_394551098c_m[1]Amazon is expanding Kindle Unlimited in fits and starts, and a new rumor suggests that the next start will be in Brazil.

PublishNews Brazil posted a report that Amazon is negotiating with Brazilian publishers. Well, when is Amazon not negotiating with publishers, but in the case of this rumor Amazon is reportedly negotiating to sign publishers to Kindle Unlimited. Continue reading

B&N to Sell the Galaxy Tab Nook for $129, and Other Black Friday Deals

With some retailers starting sales Thursday night, Black Friday is only 3 days away and it’s high time that we started scouting for deals.

To start, Amazon is running deals today through the end of the week, with new deals coming every ten minutes. You can find more info on that at, but that’s just the beginning. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 24 November 2014

Top of the morning to you. Bottom of the glass to me.

  • 23 Things I’d Rather Read Than Another Think Piece On What’s “Wrong” With Children’s Literature (BOOK RIOT)
  • 4 Fake Quotes by Famous Authors to Watch Out For (HuffPost)
  • ALLi Launch Ethical Author Code (The Independent Publishing Magazine)
  • How Paperback Books Helped the U.S. Win World War II (WSJ)
  • Re/code’s decision to end reader comments sure to have the digital-first police up in arms (Talking New Media)
  • Royalties, Oh Royalties, Wherefore Art My Royalties? (The Watershed Chronicle)
  • Sproutkin Ditches Its “Netflix For Kids’ Books” Service, Moves Into Digital Subscriptions (TechCrunch)
  • The Week That Was: Ethics Are Not Just for Authors (The Independent Publishing Magazine)
  • This Is How An Ad Gets Placed In Your Facebook News Feed (Buzzfeed)

Kobo Loses NZ Partner Whitcoulls, Restores Self-Published eBooks to UK Partner WH Smith

5999491194_d246a43fda_m[1]It’s been just over 13 months since Kobo kicked off the Great eBook Purge of 2013, effectively banning self-published ebooks from its UK-facing site, and it looks like the ban may be lifted.

A new report is coming in today that more indie titles are showing up in the ebookstore of WH Smith, Kobo’s partner in the UK: Continue reading

Judge Cote Approves Apple’s $450 Million eBook Antitrust Settlement

3026556399_dd49d85833_m[1]The final check in the ebook antitrust settlement saga has moved one step closer to being signed.

The NY Times reported on Friday that Judge Denise L. Cote gave her final approval to the settlement in a hearing in Manhattan. According to the terms of the settlement, Apple will be paying lawyers $50 million, and paying consumers $400 million for its part in conspiring with five major publishers in the 2010 to bring about agency pricing. Continue reading

Pocketbook InkPad Overview: Apps

pocketbook ink pad 840Long before Android became common on tablets, much less started showing up on ereaders, Pocketbook had quietly made a name for itself by supporting a framework of 3rd-party apps on its ereaders.

That framework was never very well organized, and it was never very well developed on a technical level, but it is possible to find and install apps on the InkPad and other Pocketbook ereaders. Continue reading

NJ Gov. Christie Vetoes Reader Privacy Act, Asks for Stronger, Narrower Law

Budget Address According to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s conditional veto statement, “Citizens of this State should be permitted to read what they choose without unnecessary government intrusion.” It’s hard to argue with that! Personally, I think we should also be permitted to read what we choose without corporate surveillance. Continue reading

Interesting WordPress Bug – Help Needed

I’ve encountered a small WP bug in a critical feature on the blog this morning, and since it has me baffled I thought I would post it and ask for help.

Whenever I write a review or long post, I like to add an auto-generated TOC (this one). It’s a quick and easy way to add a useful feature without having to code the TOC by hand. The TOC is added by way of a shortcode which looks something like this: Continue reading