Blinkist Brings Its Cliff Notes Style App to Android

Blinkist-Logo-Weiss[1]Blinkist publishes condensed ebooks that are designed to help you get the gist of a topic in 15 minutes or less. I first brought you news of Blinkist back in March, when the firm launched its iPad app, and it came across my desk again today with the news that it has finally landed on Android as well. Continue reading

The First Domino has Fallen: Random House Drops Adobe DRM in Germany

Penguin-Random-image-[1]News is coming out of Germany today that Random House has quietly stopped requiring Adobe DRM on the ebooks sold by German retailers.

Update: Alas, it has been confirmed as a technical error.

There’s been no formal announcement from Penguin Random House, but is reporting that they have numerous confirmations in their user forums that the change has been made. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 1 September 2014

The reading list is quite short this holiday Monday morning.

  • Blinkist Arrives On Android To Cut Popular Non-Fiction Books Down To Tiny Bite-Sized Reads (Android Police)
  • Mini-review: Bookviser Reader a top 2014 client for reading free ebooks (AAWP)
  • Three Years Later: Tim Cook’s Apple | Monday Note
  • When does giving the reader what they want turn into clickbait? It’s complicated (GigaOm)
  • Why don’t authors compete? (The Passive Voice)

WeRead Launches Nepal’s First Native eBookstore

weread logoThe major ebook platforms might be focusing on Europe and the larger countries in Asia, but that’s not the whole of the industry.

Smaller local independent ebook efforts like Ookbee in southeast Asia, in southern Africa, and now WeRead in Nepal, are focusing on markets and languages which haven’t drawn the attention of the big boys. Continue reading

My Boyue T61 E-ink Android Tablet Arrived – What Should I Install on it?

illumina_big[1]At long last, my new ereader/tablet arrived.

The Boyue T61 is a 6″ ereader which runs Android 4.2 on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM, and 4GB internal storage.  It’s the OEM version of the Illumina from Icarus, and it costs only half as much.

It sports a 6″ Pearl HD E-ink screen with a touchscreen, a (splotchy) frontlight, Wifi, a microSD card slot, a cover, and not much else. (It didn’t even come with a retail box, but was packed in a plain styrofoam box.)

Continue reading

Roundup: Galaxy Tab 4 Nook Reviews

Galaxy-Tab-4-NOOK_25[1]It’s been just over a week since Barnes & Noble launched their latest tablet, and the reviews are trickling in.

Unfortunately for both B&N and for potential buyers, there weren’t very many blogs interested in writing a review for this tablet. I only found 5 actual reviews (not counting the fake review posted by Publishers Weekly), which is far fewer than the dozen reviews I found for the Fire Phone. Continue reading

Wearable, Shmearable: iWatch Delayed Until Next Year (If It Even Exists)

k1 iwatchDo you know that Apple iWatch that everyone has been panting after for the past year and a half and insisting that it would launch this fall? (The one that I kept saying again, and again, and again that there was no proof it even existed)?

It turns out it’s not launching next month, and pretty much the entire blogosphere was wrong to say that it was (while I was right to point to the lack of evidence). Even the famed John Paczkowski has reversed himself: Continue reading

Keurig’s New Coffee Pod DRM Hacked, Copied?

keurig-20-560[1]DRM may be the bane of some ebook users but it looks like at least one other market may escape the hassle.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, maker of the Keurig single cup coffee machines, had been planning to incorporate DRM into their next generation coffee pods (think ink jet cartridges, only for coffee) but now it seems that their competitors have a different idea. Continue reading