The Morning Coffee – 29 July 2014

The reading list is short this morning.

Spain’s Google Tax Passes Lower House, Imperils News and Aggregation Sites

7530235974_9aab70e173_c[1]Spain’s long debated online tax on Google News and other aggregation sites passed the Congress of Deputies, Spain’s lower chamber of Parliament, last week and it is as bad as Google (and anyone who depends on Google) could have feared.

Not only does the new law require Google News as well as aggregators like Flipboard (and even Facebook for that matter) to pay for the use of an excerpt, it also explicitly prevents publishers from granting permission for the excerpts to be used for free. Continue reading

Infographic: What Do People Read on the Toilet?

Whether or not we are willing to admit it in public, many people read while sitting on the toilet. But what exactly are they reading?

As you can see in the following infographic, the majority (63%) of respondents in one survey admitted to reading on the loo, and an even larger number (75%) have used their smartphone there. Some have even installed a tv in their bathroom. Continue reading

Do You Know Dutch or Russian? Amazon is Seeking Translators for Kindle Apps

3862179845_bea6e906c6_z[1]Job listings on the Amazon website have revealed that the retail giant is hiring translators who can localize the Kindle hardware and apps for the Dutch and Russian ebook markets.

The job listings call for a self-directed individual who is fluent in one or the other language and has at least “5+ years of demonstrated” experience in translating software from English to either Russian or Dutch. Continue reading

Scholastic to Close Storia eBookstore; Customers Could Lose Access to Their eBook Purchases

5254433851_b7dbc9434f_b[1]Think you own those DRMed ebooks you buy? Not according to Scholastic.

This US publisher announced in April that they will be changing their Storia ebook platform from a retail service to a subscription service, and as part of that transition Scholastic recently announced that they are shutting down the retail side of the operation. They have quietly posted a notice on the Scholastic website: Continue reading