Microsoft’s New OneClip Sharing App Leaks, I Go Hands On

Late to the cross-platform game, Microsoft has released an online version of Office, OneDrive apps for PC and mobile, the Office Lens document scanning app for Android and iOS, and now a clipping app which can automatically sync your work across Android, iOS, and Windows. Microsoft OneClip leverages OneDrive to easily copy and paste documents, website… Read More »

The Authors Guild Thinks That Amazon is Devaluing Books, Authors Who Write for Free Err

Earlier today The Bookseller published a piece where Roxana Robinson, the president of The Author’s Guild, shares hew view on key issues like the ongoing appeal of the Google Books case, authors writing for free,  and Amazon destroying book culture as we know it. Starting from least interesting to the most exciting, Robinson mis-characterized the… Read More »

Debut eBook Hits 700,000 Downloads on BitTorrent Bundle, Reveals Problems with the Platform

Ever since BitTorrent first announced its BitTorrent Bundle platform in May 2013, I’ve wondered whether it could prove to be a useful channel for selling enhanced ebooks, digital comics, audiobooks, and other bulky files. While we still don’t know if BitTorrent Bundle is going to be able to generate meaningful revenue for authors, I can report today… Read More »

Macmillan Adds Kid’s eBook Titles to Epic’s Subscription Platform

Evidently satisfied with its deals to distribute backlist titles through Scribd and Oyster, on Thursday Macmillan announced an agreement to offer its ebooks through the children’s ebook subscription service Epic. According to the press release, the deal adds a few hundred titles like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Tikki Tikki Tembo, and The Book of Three from Macmillan’s backlist… Read More »