Lagardère Reports Hachette eBook Sales Down in the US, Says There’s “No Deadline” to Resolve Contract Dispute with Amazon

3272821791_1557117acc_z[1]Hachette revealed today that their US ebook sales declined in the first 6 months of 2014.

Hachette’s parent company, the French media conglomerate Lagardère, released their mid-year financial report today. They did not release specific details on Lagardère Publishing’s performance in US, UK, France, and other markets, but we do know that revenues for the publishing division including US Hachette Book Group were down 14 million euros, to 903 million euros. Continue reading

Author Earnings Report Confirms What We Had Long Suspected: $10 eBooks do Earn More than $15 eBooks

daily-dollar-sales-by-price-point[1]When Amazon released their latest statement in their contract dispute with Hachette a couple days ago, one point they raised was that $9.99 ebooks sold more copies than $14.99 (1.74 times as many, in fact). This tied in with basic market economic theory, and it also fits with past data from Smashwords.

And now I can report that the data used for the Author Earnings Report shows similar sales and pricing trends. Late Wednesday night Data Guy, the numbers person behind the AE Report, left a comment over on The Passive Voice with details. Continue reading

Think Amazon is Your Friend? You Might Have Amazon Infatuation Syndrome

6391972911_e3b3a4f8ab_z[1]Last night Amazon posted their third official statement in the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette, and like their first statement the open letter posted last night is proving to be an effective tactical PR maneuver.

The letter, which you can read over here, said that Amazon only wanted a 30% commission from sales of Hachette ebooks, and that Amazon was fighting with Hachette over whether the ebooks would be expensive or cheap. The statement goes on to lay out the math to justify lower ebook prices, and then it concludes with the idea that authors should get 35% of the sale price of an ebook. Continue reading

First $99 Windows 8 Tablet Shows up in China

66Would you buy a $99 Windows tablet? You could be about to get your chance. Intel has been promising since April that we would see $99 Windows 8 tablets this year and one of the first has just made an appearance in China.

Kingsing is a name few will recognize (unless you frequent AliExpress or other international marketplaces) but this Chinese OEM has pulled off the feat which HP and Toshiba are still trying to accomplish. Continue reading

Japan’s Ameba Social Network Launches a Subscription Manga Service

13015293053_574a76b296_c[1]Subscription ebook services are popping up all over, including in Japan. Earlier this week CyberAgent, owners of the popular Japanese blogging and social networking website Ameba, announced that they were expanding Ameba’s ebookstore with a new subscription option. Continue reading

Infographic: The Fate of the Common Gadget – Life and Death After Usage

How-to-dispose-an-old-e-reader-or-tablet-intro-540x346[1]There comes a point with any gadget where it has to be disposed of. Whether it’s becasue you’ve upgraded to a newer device, or the battery has finally died for the last time, or because your smartphone went for a swim, the old gadget has got to go.

The following infographic lays out an argument against simply chucking the old device in the trash. Instead you should consider re-gifting or recycling the gadget so that it might be reused.  This not only helps someone else, it also reduces the damaging effects of e-waste and removes one more piece of trash from a landfill. Continue reading

New Kindle Helps Readers Show Off By Shouting Title Of Book Loudly And Repeatedly (video)

eBooks are great: they’re convenient, fast, and enable you to carry an entire library around in your pocket. But there’s at least one way that paper books can do which ebooks can’t and that is tell everyone around you what you’re reading. Thanks to the Onion, that’s no longer an issue. Continue reading