Interesting WordPress Bug – Help Needed

I’ve encountered a small WP bug in a critical feature on the blog this morning, and since it has me baffled I thought I would post it and ask for help.

Whenever I write a review or long post, I like to add an auto-generated TOC (this one). It’s a quick and easy way to add a useful feature without having to code the TOC by hand. The TOC is added by way of a shortcode which looks something like this: Continue reading

Onyx Launches the Boox Classic, a 69 Euro Kindle Competitor

frontWith the $69/€59 basic Kindle, the $79 Kobo Touch, and the $99 Nook Glowlight, it’s pretty clear that it’s not easy to offer a cheap and good ereader without losing money or selling old hardware, but Onyx is going to give it a shot.

Arta Tech, an Onyx retail partner in Europe, has just unveiled the Boox Classic, a stripped down 69 euro ereader which lacks many of the features common on the latest ereaders. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 21 November 2014

While you are pouring your beverage of choice this Friday morning, check out the stories I have for you. To start, Book Riot asks questions about the Goodreads gender study, and later DigiDay takes a look at how some US web publishers localize their UK sites, and finally JA Konrath closes out the list with his latest post on everything  (and the kitchen sink)that is wrong in publishing this week. Continue reading

Machine-Learning Algorithm Can Rank the World’s Most Notable Authors, But Can it Identify the Most Worthwhile?

255241547_80eb1c2ea0_m[1]If it’s possible to judge an author’s notability based on their Wikipedia entry then Dr Allen Riddell of Dartmouth College has you covered.

Earlier this month Riddell published a paper which laid out his algorithm for generating an independent ranking of notable authors for a given year. he developed it with the goal of helping Project Gutenberg and other digitization projects focus on digitizing the public domain works of the most notable authors.

According to MIT Technology Review: Continue reading

Amazon Signs 17-Year Lease for Office And Retail Space in Manhattan

bezos bath and beyondRemember that report last month that Amazon was going to open their first store in Manhattan, the one which I could not find any evidence of earlier this week?

Well, Amazon’s new landlord has revealed in a press release that Amazon is indeed leasing space at 7 West 34th Street, only it’s not (just) space for a retail store. Amazon is renting 470,000 square feet, which is the entire building at that address. Continue reading

Preston Cuts His Strings, Vows the Show Against Amazon Will Continue

Preston-Douglas1[1]With Amazon and Hachette having announced a new contract last week, the main event has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the show is over.

The Bookseller is reporting that Doug Preston, founder and spokesperson for Authors United,recently sent out a letter to the members of Authors United, telling that the show wasn’t over with yet. Continue reading