Onyx Boox I62A is an $89 Android eReader

Onyx-Boox-I62A[1]Did you ever wonder what the original Nook Touch would be like if it were updated to Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a slightly faster CPU?

That ereader just showed up on a Chinese retail website. My competition discovered yesterday that Onyx has released the Boox I62A , and while this ereader lacks many of the features found on more expensive models it does offer a value which is unique. Continue reading

Comparison Review: Pocketbook InkPad vs Onyx Boox T68 Lynx

onyx boox t68 lynx pocketbook inkpad comparison 1With an 8″ screen, the Pocketbook InkPad is the only mid-sized ereader on the market, so it doesn’t quite have any direct competitors. But there are similarly priced ereaders like the T68 Lynx, so for the sake of the contrast I pulled out my T68 and  set them side by side.

I reviewed the T68 Lynx extensively back in June, but I am still working on my review of the InkPad. In the long run this comparison review is intended to complement the main review. Continue reading

Here’s the Screen Amazon Could Have Used on the Kindle Voyage DX

e-ink logoWhen the first rumors of the Kindle Ice Wine circulated last November I was one of many who was surprised to learn that Amazon had a higher resolution screen in the works, but I shouldn’t have been. While I was doing some custodial work on the blog Sunday night I came across an old post which reminded me that E-ink had been working on a high-res screen for longer than one might think. Continue reading