UK Publishers Association Busts Copyright Myths in Defense of Their Pocketbook, Privileges

European regulators, legislators, and lobbyists are slowly working their way towards the creation of a single EU-wide digital market which will enable creators to release their content under a single license, let retailers sell that content across the EU, and let consumers access that content no matter where they are in the EU. That sounds like a… Read More »

Correction: iBooks Author Updated, Can Now Make and Export Epub3 Files

Apple got a lot of attention for yesterday’s iOS 8.4 update, but that wasn’t the only release to come down the pipe. The company also released a new version of iBooks Author which finally gave that OSX app the ability to make ebooks designed to fit the iPhone’s screen. Authors and publishers can now use iBooks Author to create… Read More »

Morning Coffee – 1 July 2015

Here are nine stories to read this morning. 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Self-publishing (Word Nerds) Apple’s mistake was getting into bed with the book-publishing cartel (Fortune) Does Amazon’s New Payment Scheme Require Literary Surveillance? (The Passive Voice) Google Expands Its Educational Platform “Classroom” With A New API, Share Button For Websites (TechCrunch) National… Read More »

Scribd is Culling Romance Titles From Its Catalog Because You’re Reading Too Damn Much

Scribd has just run up against one of the known problems with subscription ebook services. Mark Coker has announced over on the Smashwords blog that Scribd is thinning out its catalog. More specifically, Scribd is now pulling titles from what is probably its most read genre: romance. Effective immediately, I estimate 80-90 percent Smashwords romance and… Read More »