LinkedIn Wants to Build a Syndicated Content Network

For the past couple years LinkedIn has been using tech developed by its Pulse subsidiary to help its members publish articles both on LinkedIn and elsewhere, and now they’re looking to formalize that “elsewhere” component. Re/code reports that LinkedIn wants to set up syndication network which would automatically distribute the articles: LinkedIn is emailing the… Read More »

What The Authors Guild’s Mary Rasenberger Isn’t Saying About Amazon

No one at The Authors Guild or the American Bookseller’s Association was able to find an hour in their busy schedules to publicly debate their recent calls for an antitrust investigation into Amazon’s business practices, but they did find time this week to conduct a lengthy poffball interview of The Authors Guild executive director  Mary Rasenberger. On… Read More »

RIAA and Other Groups Make Not-So-Empty Threats Over Cnet’s Download Site

When it comes to trade groups making public attacks on their Lillian du jour, there’s Authors United and its small cabal of Amazon-haters with a noisy but ultimately meaningless letter to the DoJ, and then there is the RIAA and its much quieter threat to Viacom over one of its subsidiaries’ legal hosting activities. According to Billboard, the RIAA… Read More »