Debut eBook Hits 700,000 Downloads on BitTorrent Bundle, Reveals Problems with the Platform

Ever since BitTorrent first announced its BitTorrent Bundle platform in May 2013, I’ve wondered whether it could prove to be a useful channel for selling enhanced ebooks, digital comics, audiobooks, and other bulky files. While we still don’t know if BitTorrent Bundle is going to be able to generate meaningful revenue for authors, I can report today… Read More »

Macmillan Adds Kid’s eBook Titles to Epic’s Subscription Platform

Evidently satisfied with its deals to distribute backlist titles through Scribd and Oyster, on Thursday Macmillan announced an agreement to offer its ebooks through the children’s ebook subscription service Epic. According to the press release, the deal adds a few hundred titles like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Tikki Tikki Tembo, and The Book of Three from Macmillan’s backlist… Read More »

NPR Pits Robot Reporter Against Journalist, When They Should Have Had Them Work Together

NPR’s Planet Money published a story today on the rise of automatically generated news stories, but unfortunately they didn’t push beyond the “oh, shiny tech” level of fluff. You can listen to the story over on the NPR website, but the short version is this: Planet Money matched an experienced journalist against Wordsmith, an automated summation/writing… Read More »

BookIndy Chrome Extension Lets You Shop Amazon (in the UK) for Books and Buy Local

Looking to assuage his guilt for shopping at Amazon, a developer in the UK has released a new Chrome extension which lets you browse and shop a participating local bookstore. Just announced on Medium, BookIndy is so new that its accompanying website is still blank, but the extension itself works well enough. When installed, the… Read More »