Canada’s Indigo Bookstore: “Throw Pillows Are the Future – No Wait! Books! We Mean Books!”

For the past several years Indigo, the leading bookseller in out neighbor to the north, has shown a willingness to shift its focus as the market winds change direction. In the past that meant pushing for more electronics and non-book merchandise, getting into ebooks in early 2009 (and out again in late 2011), adding Apple boutiques, and selling throw… Read More »

Question: Is Kindle Unlimited One of the World’s Largest eBook Services?

The ongoing furor over the changes to KDP Select payment terms continues to generate debate in all quarters. Earlier today TechCrunch weighed in on the story, and all the attention focused on Kindle Unlimited has lead to a novel discussion over on the Kboards forum. Kboards member Vevo has noticed that the rise in the monthly… Read More »