Amazon to Launch New Crowd Source Platform, Now Recruiting KDP Authors

8579276979_e78536971b_b[1]Here’s a new publishing program from Amazon which is so new that it doesn’t yet have a launch day, URL, or even a name.

Late last week Amazon started sending out emails to KDP authors, informing them of a new program which Amazon plans to launch soon. According to the email, which was forwarded to me by author Angela Kulig and by Amazon’s pr dept, when the new program launches authors will be welcomed to submit their unpublished book to what I would describe as a crowd sourcing program.  Continue reading

Niche Blog Platform Svbtle Goes Paid, Adds $6 a Month Fee

42e89e02ef6e7a798d74e8bdf7ed4364[1]When the alternative blog platform Svbtle launched in 2011, it followed the big boys (WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger) and offered a free service.  Svbtle was invite only back then, but even after it opened up to the public earlier this year the service was still free.

That changed today. TNW reports that Svbtle is now charging bloggers $6 a month for the service. Existing users can still post for free, but any new users will have to pay. Continue reading

Shunned by Publishers, One UK Librarian Proposes an Alliance with Amazon

4377283450_6b89af0bed_z[1]Eeee-vil Amazon might just have a new friend in Great Britain. There’s a new blog post up this morning on the site of Cilip, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

Inspired in part by the launch of Kindle Unlimited last month, the blog post notes that libraries in the UK face a couple serious hurdles that Amazon might help solve: Continue reading

The Summharry: All of Harry Potter, in a Single Comic

Looking for a reason to read through all 7 massive Harry Potter novels again? Then you might be interested in the following comic slash infographic.

Artist Lucy Knisley has distilled the entire Harry Potter epic,from staircase to that final scene on the train platform, into a single illustration. Be prepared to lose at least a few minutes this morning as you read it; it is that detailed. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 22 September 2014

The reading list is short this morning, and it leans heavily towards responses to Authors United.

First Impressions: The Pocketbook 640 Ultra is a Prime Candidate for Worst eReader of 2014

620_pocketbook-ultra[1]When the Pocketbook Ultra leaked earlier this year I was thrilled to  see a device maker exploring the idea of combining an ereader with an E-ink screen with a camera which could convert images  to text. Finally, I thought, there was a ereader which could not only add notes to a file but create them from scratch – just like a tablet or smartphone. Continue reading

Kindle Voyage Back-Ordered, Now Ships on 21 November

Kindle-VoyageWhen I first reported the launch of the Kindle Voyage last week I said that the $199 price tag was more than I was willing to pay for a 6″ ebook reader, sight unseen, but now it would seem I am in the minority.

A quick check of the Kindle Voyage page on Amazon this morning has revealed that several of the Kindle Voyage models have been delayed as late as the second week of December. While the 3G+ads model is still scheduled to ship in October, the other three options have been pushed back at least a month (there’s also a quota of two per customer). Continue reading

Review: Kobo Aura H2O

aurah2o_blk_angledleft_single_home_caWhile many ebook reader makers have settled on the 6″ screen as the standard. Kobo continues to buck the trend, first by releasing the 5″ Kobo Mini in 2012 and then by jumping on the chance to release an ereader with a 6.8″ E-ink screen.

The Aura H2O is Kobo’s second ereader to use the 6.8″ E-ink screen. Like its predecessor this ereader asks for a premium price, and like the Aura HD this device offers a value which more than makes up for the extra cost. Continue reading