The Morning Coffee – 22 September 2014

The reading list is short this morning, and it leans heavily towards responses to Authors United.

First Impressions: The Pocketbook 640 Ultra is a Prime Candidate for Worst eReader of 2014

620_pocketbook-ultra[1]When the Pocketbook Ultra leaked earlier this year I was thrilled to  see a device maker exploring the idea of combining an ereader with an E-ink screen with a camera which could convert images  to text. Finally, I thought, there was a ereader which could not only add notes to a file but create them from scratch – just like a tablet or smartphone. Continue reading

Kindle Voyage Back-Ordered, Now Ships on 21 November

Kindle-VoyageWhen I first reported the launch of the Kindle Voyage last week I said that the $199 price tag was more than I was willing to pay for a 6″ ebook reader, sight unseen, but now it would seem I am in the minority.

A quick check of the Kindle Voyage page on Amazon this morning has revealed that several of the Kindle Voyage models have been delayed as late as the second week of December. While the 3G+ads model is still scheduled to ship in October, the other three options have been pushed back at least a month (there’s also a quota of two per customer). Continue reading

Review: Kobo Aura H2O

aurah2o_blk_angledleft_single_home_caWhile many ebook reader makers have settled on the 6″ screen as the standard. Kobo continues to buck the trend, first by releasing the 5″ Kobo Mini in 2012 and then by jumping on the chance to release an ereader with a 6.8″ E-ink screen.

The Aura H2O is Kobo’s second ereader to use the 6.8″ E-ink screen. Like its predecessor this ereader asks for a premium price, and like the Aura HD this device offers a value which more than makes up for the extra cost. Continue reading

Authors United Revises Letter to Amazon Board, Adds More Insulting Language

14081276688_e52785f073_c[1]Apparently Authors United has decided that they haven’t received enough criticism for the open letter they sent to the Amazon board of directors earlier this week, because they’ve quietly revised said letter to be more insulting.

That letter still has the typo in the first line, and it still misquotes Russ Grandinetti, but where the original letter made a swipe at Chinese authors, the new version of the letter replaced it with a general dig at all non-US writers.  Continue reading

Facebook Updates Their News Feed Algorithm (Again)

facebookIt’s been just over a month since Facebook announced their last change to the filters they place on your news feed, and the social network is back with even more tweaks.

While the last changes were designed to discourage clickbait, the new changes are hoped to help improve relevancy. Facebook announced yesterday that the new algorithms would try to factor in the timeliness of an update. Or as they put it: Continue reading

Don’t Like Amazon’s New Kids’ Tablet? Here are 5 Alternatives

kindle-fire-hd-kids-3[1]Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet is going to be getting a lot of press over the next few weeks, but it’s not the first tablet to launch in this market – nor even the twenty-first.

Here are 5 kids tablets that you might consider in place of the Fire HD Kids Edition. (You might also retrofit your existing tablet as a hand-me-down, but this might not work for everyone). Continue reading