Audible Onebook Lets You Share, Recommend Audiobooks With Your Friends

With the Audio Publishers Association estimating that the audiobook market was worth $1.47 billion last year (and growing fast, according to independent reports), more people are using audiobooks than ever. And between the new program launched today and the recently launched Audible Unlimited service that is bound to grow. I just got an email from Amazon with the… Read More »

Amazon to be Awarded $65 Million Contract to Supply eBooks to NYC Schools

Amazon is about to expand its school bookstore empire beyond running unstores for several US universities. Capital New York reports that the NYC Board of Education is about to award Amazon a five-year, $64.5 million contract for the retailer to run an ebook marketplace where public schools would buy ebooks. The contract will initially last three… Read More »

Scribd Updates Its App for iPad & iPhone, Still Doesn’t Know What It’s Going to Do With Librify

Scribd is catching up with the technical requirements of streaming multiple kinds of content from a single app, but they’re still stumbling over how to run their business. Scribd rolled out a new update today for its iOS app which improves the reading and listening experience. The new app has more informative book pages and better… Read More »