Guest Post: Is Kindle Scout Worth the Risk? For Me, Yes

2084662654_b1d38ba1a5[1]The Kindle Scout program is getting a lot of buzz, and some controversy, from the writing universe. Is it worth the risk? For me, the answer is yes. Here’s why.

Earlier this week I submitted my crime novel, The Invisible Hand, to the Kindle Scout program. Within 24 hours, after vetting my manuscript, cover and description, Amazon gave me the green light for a campaign to start on Oct. 28. For those not in the know about Kindle Scout, Nate did a great job of summing it up when it launched last week. Continue reading

Voyage vs Paperwhite Comparison Review: the Web Browser

paperwhite screenshot web browserWhen I first reported on the new Kindle Voyage earlier this week I mentioned that the Voyage was running the same software as the Paperwhite. it turns out that is not entirely correct. While the two Kindles use what looks like the same web browser, the software running underneath the UI is not even close to being the same.

At the request of a reader, I spent some time yesterday playing with both Kindles, testing the web browsers, and I can report that the Voyage has the much better web browser. It’s enough better that I sincerely hope that the Paperwhite gets it in an update otherwise this could be a strong selling point for the Voyage. Continue reading

Amazon-S&S Deal Sparks Debate, Commentary

3190443246_77ab8e8245[1]Many in publishing were surprised Monday night when news broke that Amazon had signed a new contract with Simon & Schuster. What few details are publicly available for the deal suggest that it is a modified version of agency, which surprised pundits just as much as the fact that the deal was signed two months before the old contract expired. Continue reading

The Morning Coffee – 22 October 2014

With only 5 links, there’s not much to read this morning, but the demise of another boutique digital publisher, Chuck Wendig’s guid on how to respond to a bad review, the Passive Guy’s take on Hachette post S&S-Amazon, and the other links are all worth reading.

Kindle Scout to Open to Readers Next Week

Amazon’kindle scouts crowd-sourcing program opened its doors to authors last week, and a new report tells me that it will soon be open to readers as well.

Benjamin Sobieck wrote on his blog earlier today that his latest crime novel, The Invisible Hand, was accepted into the Kindle Scout program today. He reports that it took Amazon less than 24 hours to accept his work and assign a start date for his campaign. The Invisible Hand will be posted for readers to rate and review on 28 October. Continue reading

Hugh Howey to Debate “Will Amazon Lead Us to the Golden Age of Books Next Week?” in NYC

hughhoweymed-300x300[1]Love them or hate them, Amazon plays a key role in US bookselling, but just what should that role be?

That question has sparked numerous arguments on the web, and next week it’s going to be the inspiration for a live debate. New America, in collaboration with Future Tense, will be holding a debate next Wednesday in NYC.

According to the website: Continue reading

Kindle Voyage Ships Today, Also in Stock at Best Buy.

Kindle-VoyageAmazon’s newest ebook reader is arriving today on the doorsteps of the lucky few customers who got their orders in early, and for the rest it will be arriving either next week or next month.

The Kindle Voyage got mixed reviews from the early reviewers, but even before those reviews came out this ereader was back-ordered on The current expected ship date is some time in November, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait days or weeks to get one. Continue reading

iVerse to Take on Comixology with Enhanced Support for DRM-free Comics

iverse_ipad1[1]One of the companies which Comixology crushed in taking control of the digital comics market is back again with a new app which targets the DRM-free comics market.

Bleeding Cool reports that iVerse was showing off a new app last week at NY Comicon that BC is describing as the iTunes of digital comics. Not only will the app support the digital comics sold by iVerse, it will also support CBZ and CBR formats. Continue reading