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Happy birthday wishes for kids: 60 quotes + 5 tips

We’ve put together the best birthday wishes for kids and some tips and recommendations to make sure the youngest ones can celebrate their special day with loving congratulations and gifts.

For many children, their birthdays are often the absolute highlight of the year. They are given presents, they are the center of attention and there are lots of sweets, cakes and balloons. Naturally, you want your birthday wishes to make the children shine, too.

Happy birthday for kids: The best birthday wishes for children

We have gathered a collection of funny, short, and age-appropriate birthday wishes for boys and girls of all ages, ensuring that your birthday card will not only capture attention visually but also impress with its content.

Birthday wishes for young children

Happy birthday wishes for little kids

Young children particularly don’t want to sit still and read long notes on their birthday about why their aunt (or other relative) loves them so much and what he or she wishes them. It may be that they are just learning to read.

And in that case, they are often proud when they can read their birthday wishes aloud themselves for the first time. The following sayings are kept simple and quite short so that children can read and understand them.

  1. Your [age] birthday is a special day. One that is as unique and surprising as you are.
  2. Life is a journey in which we will always support you. Happy birthday to you.
  3. For your 3rd birthday, I wish you happiness, health and love, three essential things that remain significant throughout life, and that provide the courage, strength, and joy for a good life.
  4. Laugh, dance and frolic with your whole heart on your special day today, making it as memorable for you and others as you are.
  5. In a garden of delight,
    We send our wishes on this special night,
    May your heart be filled with joy and love,
    And blessings rain down from above.
  6. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is just rumors, but today is the present and to experience it is a gift.
  7. Become what you are not yet,
    Yet remain what you already are.
    In this staying and this becoming
    Is all the beauty that nothing can mar.
    (Franz Grillparzer)
  8. Seize each day
    With all your might
    And if clouds should come
    Embrace the sunlight!
  9. I congratulate you and think of you. To me you’re the greatest — never forget that!
  10. Happy Birthday. It’s time to figure out how many pieces of birthday cake you can eat so you can be a real [age]-year-old!

Birthday wishes for girls

Birthday wishes for girls

As children, many girls have things like princesses, fairy tales, dolls or fashion on their minds. If this also applies to your birthday girl, personalize your message by referring to them in your congratulations.

But of course there are also girls who are interested in soccer or astronauts.

Most of the sayings for girls can be adapted and used for boys, and vice versa.
  1. A Rainbow of love to wish you only good things, today is a special day for happiness to come your way!
  2. The Day is finally here. I wish you a happy birthday. Have loads of fun, sweetie!
  3. I wish you blue skies, radiant sun, rose-tinted glasses, and a carefree future. Have a beautiful day, princess.
  4. You are the girl who made me an aunt! I love you very much and wish you all the best for your new year of life.
  5. I wish you three things: health, happiness – and a real unicorn.
  6. Whether you have a future as a princess or a ballerina, one thing is for sure: I wish for all your dreams to come true. Happy birthday!
  7. To the sweetest girl I know, I wish you more years of a wonderful life. I hope you remain the same. But if you ever change, I know it would only be for the better. Happy birthday.
  8. Today you are our princess, celebrated in royal style with all the best courtly amusements and delicacies.
  9. Today I’m sending you a lucky fairy, who brings my best wishes for your birthday! Happy birthday!
  10. Princess, today’s your big day,
    and I’m congratulating you in every single way.
    Happy Birthday to you, with all my heart,
    May you have the best day right from the start

Birthday wishes for boys

Birthday wishes for boys

Depending on the age of the little man, he is sure to have certain things that interest him a lot.

For many boys, these are construction sites, cars, firefighters, soccer or superheroes, so it’s likely he’ll be pleased when these things are incorporated in to your birthday wishes.

  1. Happy Birthday, little man. You really are the coolest [age]-year-old kid I know.
  2. You have grown tall, a sight to see
    That’s just how a [age]-year-old should be.
    Even if you make some mischief as you go,
    We know that’s one way a boy can grow!
  3. I don’t know if you’ll be an astronaut or a soccer star, but I know you’re a very special boy who can achieve anything. Happy Birthday! (This saying can alternatively be used with other career aspirations or interests — for example, firefighter or pilot.)
  4. On the field and off it, for us you are a real hit. Happy Birthday!
  5. With a loud woo-woo into the new year of life! We wish our little firefighter all the best for his birthday.
  6. Sending all the love and good wishes to our favorite nephew for his birthday. Have a great day and celebrate in style with your friends!
  7. Happy Birthday to the little guy,
    Who can already do so much if he will try.
    Yesterday you were still sitting on my lap,
    Then today you suddenly grew up!
    We wish you all the love and best wishes on your birthday!
  8. On your birthday, we wish you blessings today, tomorrow, and always. Happy birthday!
  9. I heard that today is the birthday of a very cool young man. Happy birthday!
  10. You are a little superhero and saved my world. Happy birthday, Superman, and all the best!

Birthday greetings for children and teenagers

Birthday greetings for children and teenagers

For teenagers, birthday wishes may be a little more profound and detailed.

After all, they’ve been capable of reading and understanding the meaning behind quotes and poems for a while now. Especially if they are a little older they may also be happy to receive a few kind words.

However, there are also teenagers who have no desire to read long messages and are pleased with a short, cheerful quote instead. We have a selection of both for you, because you yourself will know the birthday child best.

If you are significantly older than the birthday boy or girl, you may want to adapt to his or her world and language to appeal to him or her more. But hold back on the teen jargon. It often seems forced and awkward to teens when adults suddenly speak or write like them.
  1. Life is like a canvas. Make the most of its beautiful hues and paint it as colorfully as possible!
  2. You have 24 hours to celebrate and knowing you, you’ll take full advantage of the confetti, cake, and music for your special moment in time! Happy birthday!
  3. [Age] years to be young is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. It only happens on its own once in a lifetime. So enjoy it, seize life and shape it to your liking. Happy birthday!
  4. At last! [Age] years old! Now you’re staring down adulthood, and it’s not that far off!
  5. Being happy is like a delicious dessert.
    May life give you more of it
    than you could ever eat. (Irish blessing)
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.
    (Franz Kafka)
  7. Birthday recipe: 7 Tablespoons of joy of life, 1 pound of health, a pinch of happiness and 15 ounces of contentment. Garnish liberally with great gifts!
  8. All the best for your birthday! May your future and your laughter be brighter than the sun.
  9. One day you will look back and realize that this time of your life is only the first chapter of a wonderful story that still lies ahead.
  10. We don’t stay young forever. And that’s all the more reason to heartily celebrate your youth today! We wish you a prodigious day and that all your dreams come true, too! Happy Birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for kids

Funny birthday wishes for kids

A child’s laugh warms the heart of many. If you’re among that number, you might want to make the birthday boy or girl laugh with a funny quote.

You can, of course, simply write a funny joke in the card. Just make sure that the child is old enough to understand it.

We have some funny birthday wishes for kids for you here.

  1. I’ve been breaking my head over this all day,
    Trying to come up with something to say,
    Though I’m unable to come up with a poem:
    Please know I love you and an how you’ve grown!
  2. Be as smart as a fox, as busy as a bee,
    As playful as a kitten, but stay clear of the flea.
    Work hard, but take time to relax and have fun,
    And you’ll grow clever and wise when all’s said and done.
  3. Did I read that right?
    You’re already [Age] old?
    Then there’s no time to spare!
    I’m sending all my love and —
    the best birthday wishes out there!
  4. What’s more fun than annoying Mom and Dad? Your birthday! So let’s celebrate and party hard today. Happy Birthday!
  5. What’s even more fun than a farting elephant? Your birthday! I wish you today a lot of fun and funny moments. Happy Birthday!
  6. I hope you have a great birthday. You’re one-in-a-melon!
  7. Don’t let anyone touch your birthday cake until you’ve eaten it all. But…maybe you’ll save me a piece?
  8. How do pickles celebrate their birthday? They relish every moment. May you live every moment of your life like a pickle. Happy birthday!
  9. Look “hoo-hoo’s” having a birthday. Have a wonderful birthday.
  10. Our [Name] is [Age] years old today! Even though you’re sometimes a little monster, we love you for heaven’s sake. We wish you lots of fun and good luck, and the biggest slice of birthday cake!

Happy birthday kids: Short birthday wishes for children

You may already know that the birthday child will not be particularly patient with longer birthday wishes. If you want to keep it extra concise yet not unimaginative, here are some extra short birthday sayings for kids.

  1. Love, happiness and sunshine shall always be your companions.
  2. Good luck and many blessings on all your paths.
  3. From the bottom of our hearts, all the best and may all your wishes come true.
  4. For the next year, may you receive: sun in your heart and friends for life.
  5. Enjoy every day as if it were a small miracle.
  6. Every gift is welcome, but above all things, may what you strive for be successful. (Wilhelm Busch)
  7. Thinking of you today, we celebrate with cake and gifts!
  8. We are all here to congratulate you, because you are our big star today!
  9. May you never have to look for happiness, because it should find you no matter where you are!
  10. Because of you the sun shines today, and as a gift, the clouds will stay away. Happiest of Birthdays!

Gift ideas for kids

Happy birthday kids: Gift ideas

Often it’s not that hard to think of suitable gifts for younger children. The little ones often have long wish lists with new toys.

Before you buy something, it’s best to ask the parents if they agree. This is especially important when it comes to game consoles.

The education of your protégé is in their hands, after all, and especially when it comes to things like game consoles, they have a say.

They will probably be able to suggest an alternative — something that their child would also be pleased with. By talking with them about your gift beforehand, you could save yourself some trouble.

Clothes are always appreciated by parents as well, but will probably be rather less exciting for the child. This is especially true if clothes are presented alongside many more exciting gifts on his birthday. New clothes can still be a highlight, if you choose carefully. For example T-shirts with his favorite superhero or her favorite animal could really make an impression.

As an aunt, uncle or other close person, you can also give the birthday child the gift of time together. How about a trip to the zoo, swimming pool, shopping center or movie theater? Maybe even take a friend of the child with you.

For many children, such a "parent-free" day is special and they are usually happy to have special outings. It needn’t necessarily be parent-free; kids are also happy when it’s their parents planning a surprise outing on their birthday – or any other day.

Tips for happy birthday kids wishes

Tips for happy birthday wishes for kids

Often, on the child’s special day, friends and family are invited to cheer him or her up and give him or her lavish gifts. These gifts are often accompanied by birthday cards, which once again express congratulations in written form.

We have compiled some tips and suggestions to help you make the little jubilarian’s birthday card special and bring joy to them.

Don’t expect too much

Gifts are a great thing, especially if you get a lot of them on this particular day.

A lot of kids, especially when they are little, get very excited and even overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle and attention on this day. So don’t expect the perfect reaction to your gift and birthday card.

Very few children will sit down quietly and read long birthday greetings when there is a huge, enticing package next to it containing a new toy. So don’t be too disappointed if your card doesn’t get the attention it might deserve.

However, you should still write a card if you think it’s appropriate. It’s important that children learn to appreciate kind words as much as new toys. They may even stash the card somewhere and pull it out again in a few years when they are older.

Tailor your message to the age

Even if you love your child, nephew or granddaughter as much as you can and would love to write her or him an entire novel, remember to adapt your text to the child’s age. Teenagers of course are a little more comfortable with longer messages than three-year-olds.

The youngest children will probably be read the card, but how much they understand is questionable. So it’s better to save your long missives until the children are old enough to understand them. For children who are still very young, short funny or loving sayings will do.

When choosing words, you should keep in mind that small children do not yet understand many words correctly. Children can find longer words especially challenging. So stick to simple phrases and do not use long sentences for birthday greetings for children.

Refer to the child’s interests

Refer to the child’s interests

It is not easy to attract the attention of the child on his or her birthday among so many congratulations. But what you will definitely increase your chances with are birthday wishes that relate to his or her interests.

Younger kids in particular have a lot of imagination and often have certain passions for dinosaurs, soccer, astronauts, princesses, knights, fire trucks or certain animals. Maybe he or she is a big fan of a children’s movie. Then, of course, you can relate to that or get inspired by their fantasy worlds.

So, if you make a small drawing of an object he loves in the card next to your congratulations, you’re sure to get the child’s attention.

Make the birthday card special

Of course, you can also make the birthday card itself a real eye-catcher right away. You’ve probably seen cards that play music when you open them or ones with fun 3D objects.

These cards can create a playful impact and bring exhilarating moments, especially for young children. Here, oftentimes, the more colorful the card, the better.

Birthday greetings that are tailored to the characteristics and desires of the birthday child are particularly creative and distinctive, especially when they are personalized. Maybe you can think of an individually appropriate phrase to personalize our suggestions.

Communicate your birthday wishes in another way

If you don’t want to use a card because you think it won’t be read anyway, you can also convey your congratulations to the child in another way. For example, you can sing it to him, write it on the cake or hang a banner in the living room.

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