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60 Funny Happy Birthday Quotes + 3 Tips on How to Send Them

A funny birthday quote or greeting is guaranteed to make the birthday boy or girl smile. This article compiles a selection of cheeky and humorous birthday-themed quotes along with handy tips on how best to use them.

Funny birthday quotes can lighten up a congratulatory text and make it more personal. Often general congratulations seem unimaginative, in the worst case they even come across negatively. To prevent this, there are many ways to congratulate the birthday boy or girl in a funny way.

There are countless templates for birthday wishes from which you can be inspired. However, note that a funny birthday quote should have a personal connection to the birthday boy or girl.

Writing Funny Birthday Quotes: Here’s How

Writing Funny Birthday Quotes: Here’s How

Cheeky and funny birthday quotes put a smile on many people’s faces. With a funny saying you think of the birthday child and spread directly good mood.

The birthday is just a special day and on special days many people want to be treated special. Of course, this varies from person to person. As a rule, most birthday children are also happy to receive general birthday sayings.

Depending on the personality and the type of birthday, you should pay attention to certain aspects when you want to send a funny birthday saying.

You can find a selection of other birthday wishes here.

Customize Your Congratulations to the Birthday Child

Customize Your Congratulations to the Birthday Child

Before you start thinking about choosing a birthday quote, you should know to who you are sending your message. Maybe it’s a good friend’s birthday or a distant family member’s. Depending on the person and relationship, you should customize the sayings.

If you have a good relationship with the birthday boy or girl, small jokes or sarcastic quotes are allowed. Especially congratulations among men are often and gladly very direct and sarcastic.

Here, of course, the birthday child’s sense of humor plays an important role. Before you make fun at the expense of others, you should know how the person takes such sayings.

If the person can laugh at him/herself, small jokes about age are allowed. Otherwise, you should refrain from such sayings and try to make the birthday boy or girl feel positive with charming words.

When You Should Send the Saying

When You Should Send the Saying

As a rule, you should congratulate the birthday boy or girl on the same day. Sending a birthday message digitally is quick and easy.

However, if you want to send birthday wishes by post, make sure that you drop the card in the mailbox or take it to the post office early. Depending on the day of the week you drop it in, it may take several days for the post office to deliver it.

Likewise, whether birthday wishes are still appropriate the next day depends on your relationship.

For example, if it’s your ex-girlfriend’s birthday, you might consider not wishing until the next day. Belated congratulations are even appropriate in this case. Of course, you are free to decide if you want to congratulate her at all.

With friends and family members, however, you should try to congratulate them on time for their birthday. If you have a stressful day or forgot their birthday once, they will probably still be able to forgive you.

Be Mindful of the Occasion and Age

Be Mindful of the Occasion and Age

Not all birthdays are the same. Depending on the occasion and the age of the birthday child, you can customize your birthday quote and make it fancier.

Here, you should also consider whether you are relating your birthday saying to the age of the birthday boy or girl. Depending on the relationship, such allusions and sayings can be appropriate as long as no one is personally attacked.

On special birthdays or round birthdays, sayings can also be specific to that moment.

For example, many 18th birthday sayings are about car driving or being of age. For round birthdays you can also often buy matching cards to the respective age. So you can customize your birthday wishes depending on age and occasion.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

Funny happy birthday quotes lighten up the birthday for many people. You’ll ensure a bright smile and make the day something special.

To inspire you, we have compiled free happy birthday quotes. For a personal birthday greeting, however, you should come up with your own saying. With anecdotes and stories that only you and the birthday child know, your saying becomes more personal and you put more effort into the design.

All unmarked quotes in this article are from unknown authors.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends

Below you will find funny happy birthday quotes that you can send to your friends on their special day. These sayings are especially suitable for close friends who don’t always take each other too seriously and can take each other for a ride.

Use one of these quotes to make your friends laugh on their birthdays.

  1. "Happy birthday, old friend. Now you really are my old friend. Not only that I’ve known you for a long time. Now you are officially ancient."
  2. "Happy birthday, my best. You are lucky to have me as a friend. Meanwhile, I don’t even need the Facebook reminder to remember your birthday."
  3. "Look at you! How big you’ve gotten. Oh, wait. You’ve been this tall ever since I’ve known you. Anyway, I wish you all the best for your birthday my friend."
  4. "Today is your birthday! Let’s not count the years you’ve been around. Let’s celebrate the years that are yet to come. With this number, it’s easier to calculate anyway, since it can’t last that long with you. Wink, wink… Happy birthday, buddy."
  5. "Do you know this? All morning you’re restless because you feel like you’re forgetting something important and it just won’t come to you…? Now I remember it. Happy birthday, my good man!"
  6. "So now another year has passed, you’re neither smarter nor prettier, just older. That’s what I call commitment! I am proud of you. Have a wonderful birthday and let yourself celebrate today instead of being made fun of."
  7. "Happiness, health, joy, blah blah blah and all that other nonsense I wish you from the bottom of my heart on your birthday today!"
  8. "Today is your birthday and I don’t want to be like that and tease you again. So here’s just a little happy birthday for you: All the best and take care of yourself, so that I can still annoy you in the future and bother you with my nonsense."

Short Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

Short Funny Happy Birthday Quotes

If you want to get straight to the point with your birthday saying, short birthday quotes are a great option. Often the space in cards is limited and for a long saying this is not enough if you also want to congratulate with your own words.

In the past, short birthday wishes for congratulations via SMS were still useful, because they were only allowed to have a limited number of characters. If the quote or the congratulation is too long, you had to send two messages and pay.

Today, you can write your birthday greetings via messaging services as long as you want. Therefore, whole poems are often sent for birthdays. If you are still looking for a short and funny birthday quote for WhatsApp and Co., we have a selection for you here.

  1. "Rejoice. Good wine is also old."
  2. "Happy Birthday. Without you, it would be as if you were not there."
  3. "For your age… you will hear more often now."
  4. "I wish you all the best. I hope your age soon matches your appearance."
  5. "A little birthday poem: You are old, I’m not yet."
  6. "From today, your best-before date is also expired."
  7. "You are getting crunchier with age. That’s why you hear your bones all the time."
  8. "How old are you actually getting? I can not count that far."
  9. "Congratulations on your first gray hair. And to your birthday too, of course."
  10. "Problems with age? The used look is also on trend!"

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Him

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Him

Birthday sayings for men are usually very direct and refrain from flowery paraphrases and encouraging words.

Biting or sarcastic sayings are also welcome in birthday sayings for men. With such sayings, you should pay attention however to the fact that these do not insult work or are wrongly taken up.

Do you have a close relationship to the birthday boy, this will know your humor. With some family members or acquaintances, you should weigh however whether you should not waive on sarcastic sayings.

Of course, general birthday wishes with men are also welcome. As a rule, they also do not attach great importance to the content of the message, but rather that you remember their birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Your Husband

Grown men have to do many duties in life at the same time. Many of them are not only husbands but also fathers, which means that permanent responsibility must be guaranteed.

On their birthday, our husbands also want to be allowed to be a kid again, fool around with the boys and not have any responsibilities.

For exactly this form of fun, we have collected some sassy and funny birthday quotes below, with which you can please your husband and make his inner child laugh.

  1. "Men like you don’t get older, they just get better."
  2. "All the best for your birthday, my love. If you only see me in a blur at your age now, I’ll never have to put on makeup again. Happy birthday to both of us!"
  3. "Old enough to know better … young enough to do it anyway. On that note, happy birthday, my dear!"
  4. "Be proud of getting older. Soon you too will get the senior discount."
  5. "Happy Birthday from me too. Yes, it’s me. The one who makes sure your soccer birthday cake is ready in time before your boys come to spread beer on my lawn and put silly ideas in the kids' heads. Congratulations on that, honey."
  6. "For your birthday, I wish that you get everything you ever dreamed of. It shouldn’t be that much, since you’ve already found the woman of your dreams. Happy birthday, my darling!"
  7. "In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play."
    (Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher, 1844-1900)
    And you my darling are the biggest playchild I know. Have a wonderful birthday.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for the Son

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for the Son

Parental care takes hold of sons of all ages and especially on their birthdays, moms and dads sometimes get sentimental.

To cover this skillfully, use these funny happy birthday quotes to congratulate them. This way, you can act cool as a parent while inwardly wishing that they please stay babies forever.

The sayings listed here are suitable for both adult sons and little sons.

  1. "Sometimes you don’t want to be an adult at all. Then you just want to go to the ball pool and throw at everyone who gets on your nerves. Enjoy these things for as long as you can, my boy – happy birthday!"
  2. "My little sweetheart, today you turn another year older. Soon you will be all grown up. Here’s to that day never coming. Happy Birthday!"
  3. "Happy birthday, son. You’ve already figured out how to grow big and strong. How to be sensible and grow up, not yet. Maybe you’ll manage it this year. All the best to you!"
  4. "Today you get to eat twice as much cake as usual, stay up twice as late, and make a wish while blowing out candles!
    Assuming you and your buddies don’t prefer to drink beer and party… Happy birthday my darling."
  5. "Congratulations on your birthday, son! Now that you are only a few years away from becoming an adult, you can start looking for your own apartment. We would like to make a sauna out of your room."
  6. "Happy birthday son! Celebrate today as you came into the world: naked and screaming!"

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for a Brother in Law

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for a Brother in Law

Relationship with husbands and boyfriends of siblings varies depending on family dynamics and personal character traits. What they have in common, however, is the appreciation you have for your brother-in-law, provided he makes your sibling happy.

If you want to tease your brother-in-law a bit on his birthday, despite or because of your appreciation, and enjoy funny jokes at his expense, then you will find the appropriate birthday quotes here.

  1. "Another year full of hopes and dreams. And every year I look forward together with you to bury them. I wish you a happy birthday."
  2. "With a cold beer, congratulations. I wish you health, joy and well-being so that all your wishes come true. Here’s to a happy birthday."
  3. "Happy birthday to you! Now that you are part of the family, you must also endure the family traditions. So as my new brother, get ready for all the headlocks."
  4. "Hey old house, happy birthday! If you keep aging so fast, will I have to call you father-in-law instead of brother-in-law?"
  5. "Dearest brother-in-law, I wish you a wonderful birthday today. Without stress and without exhausting relatives. So yours, not mine… ours… Whatever! Have a great day."
  6. "Happy birthday brother! Well almost brother, well actually not brother. Anyway, have a wonderful celebration and a great day!"
  7. "Happy birthday, my bestie, and congratulations to my sister, too, for winning her over. Now, she is your problem."

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Dad

Fathers are specialists when it comes to bad jokes or humor. For his birthday, you can turn the tables and congratulate your dad with one of these funny happy birthday quotes.

Deliver them with a wink or send them to him in combination with a laughing smiley face and make him happy on his birthday.

  1. "If someone should call you old, hit him with your stick and throw your dentures after him!"
  2. "Father: a man who has accomplished something that has a hand and a foot."
    That would be us – we have hands and feet.
    Happy birthday, Dad!
  3. "After your 40th birthday, you have the choice between a belly without wrinkles or wrinkles without a belly."
  4. "Happy birthday, Dad!
    I’ve heard that you get a little wiser with every gray hair. Looking at you now, I’ll never ask Mom for help with homework again."
  5. "For your birthday, dear Dad, I wish you only the best. Now that you’re a year older again, I thought we’d speed things up a bit with the midlife crisis. Please wish yourself a new motorcycle next year, so that I can have your old one…"
  6. "Congratulations on your special day, Dad! Be sure, no matter how loud you snore, I will always love you."

Birthday wishes for men and tips on how to send them.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Her

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Her

Every woman faces her birthday differently: Some have no problem with getting older and see age as a maturing process. Others, at best, never want to have another birthday, fear gray hair and want to stay 20 years old forever.

Unlike men, women’s birthday sayings are less sarcastic and often witty and charming. They focus more on women’s strengths and are meant to cheer them up and strengthen them as they grow older.

Often the sayings are about their loving character, their humor or their attractiveness. As a rule, they are uplifting words.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for Mom

These funny birthday quotes are meant to congratulate your mom in a humorous way and make her realize that age doesn’t matter.
Lighten your mom’s mood with these sayings about getting older and staying beautiful.

  1. "Happy Birthday, Mom! This year I’m not giving you a homemade gift coupon for a free hug, but this year you’ll get the hug right away."
  2. "Women do not grow old. After a certain age, they just mature."
  3. "Happy birthday, mom. With every wrinkle, you become more beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise."
  4. "Look at it this way: most of your gray hair was caused by Dad and me. So you’re not that old yet. Congratulations on your birthday, Mom!"
  5. "As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied."
    (Oscar Wilde, Irish poet, 1854-1900)
  6. "On your special day today, I wish you all the love! I am infinitely grateful for all you have done and are doing for me. I will always need you, Mom. Even when I’m old someday, like you."

Not found the right quote yet? Here you can find more than 100 mother-daughter-quotes.

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for a Daughter in Law

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for a Daughter in Law

Find here funny happy birthday quotes for your daughter-in-law. If you want to wish your new family member a happy birthday with a humorous saying, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. "Sport gives you the feeling to look better – champagne but also. In this sense: Cheers and happy birthday."
  2. "Even though you are not my biological daughter, I have taken you into my heart at least as much. Congratulations on your special day today. And don’t forget, if he ever annoys you that much, come and see us."
  3. "Miserly is he who marries today a woman whose birthday is Christmas."
  4. "Congratulations on your birthday! One year older and one year longer a part of this family. For that, congratulations again, my good girl! Glad you’re around."
  5. "for your birthday I wish that your guests bring lots of presents and leave early so that you can enjoy cake and champagne in the bathtub in peace."

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for your Sister

Funny Happy Birthday Quotes for your Sister

Siblings do love each other, although they can’t stand each other sometimes. To support this unique bond, we’ve selected a few funny happy birthday quotes for your sister.

Find the perfect fit between sassy and funny for your birthday greetings with these sayings.

  1. "Finally, you’ve reached an age where you want to show your ID. Happy Birthday."
  2. "Look at your birthday positively: the more candles burn, the bigger the cake must be."
  3. "Think now is the time to throw everything down and become a princess."
  4. "You only become more beautiful and mature even more, do not see life so hard in old age. Just enjoy every minute of the day, to your birthday I wish you all the best."
  5. "Hey sis, happy birthday. Look at how old do you look. Maybe you need to get a good night’s sleep and I have to eat all your birthday cake."

Find more funny birthday wishes here.

Funny Happy Birthday Poems

Funny Happy Birthday Poems

For congratulations that may be a little longer, birthday poems are a good choice. There are some classic birthday poems, about which especially older people are pleased.

As a rule, however, these are less amusing. Want to add your personal touch to a poem, write your own poem with anecdotes about the birthday boy or girl.



"Happy birthday is what I wish you today,
I’ve travelled all way down here by airway,
in order to see you on your speical evening,
and belive me, I’m not interessted in leaving.

You are the hero of the day, this is all yours,
Lets celebrate till morning, until the memorie blurs.
I want you to be happy and eat lots of cake,
but not that much, you should not get a bellyache."
(Anna Köhler)


"Have a nice and funny birthday,
dance and smile, that’s what I say.

Don’t let anybody annoy you,
Instead, let’s have a barbecue.

Today’s your day, that is all that counts,
let’s have a party, that everybody recounts."


"Everybody put your hands up and send congrats to this beauty,
Today’s her birthday, so what is our duty?

It’s to celebrate and be funny and loud,
so keep togehter and dance with the crowd.

This one’s to you, Happy Birthday!
But don’t thinkt that’s all, that was just the foreplay."

Here you can find funny quotes and great sayings for any occasion.

Send Funny Birthday Quotes

Nowadays, you have many options to send your birthday quote to the birthday boy or girl. On the one hand, you can choose the classic way and write your birthday message on a card. On the other hand, you can wish the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday by digital means. In the end, it is important that the birthday saying fits and makes the birthday boy or girl have a great day.

Funny Birthday Quotes on Cards

Funny Birthday Quotes on Cards

Sending the birthday saying on a card is one of the classics. In doing so, you have many options on how to design your card.

One possibility would be to buy a suitable birthday card in a store. There are many different variations, suitably designed for different birthdays.

If you want to make your card more personal design, there are many options online to make your own birthday card. Depending on the occasion, you can design your card with your own photos, texts and motifs. So your card gets a personal touch and ends up in any case not so fast in the trash.

Note, however, that the postal way is more time-consuming. If you choose a card from the Internet, you must allow additional time for the design and delivery. To ensure that your card arrives on time, you should also allow several days for delivery.

Send Funny Quotes for a Birthday via Messenger

Whether SMS, Telegram or WhatsApp. There are many ways to send birthday sayings digitally. The advantage of the digital way is on the one hand the time factor. Via the messaging services, the birthday message arrives after a few seconds.

On the other hand, you have more options digitally and can be creative. With videos, pictures or emojis you can customize your birthday wishes. These are usually then more personal.

Funny Birthday Greetings on Social Media

Funny Birthday Greetings on Social Media

Besides sending text messages, you can also congratulate the birthday boy or girl via social media.

Compared to the digital variant via messaging services, you can also publicly convey your birthday quote via social networks.

Design your congratulations additionally with old memory photos, emojis or videos. Depending on the relationship, you can live freely in the design.

Gratulation via social networks is particularly suitable for people with whom you have no special relationship.

A short birthday quote among many birthday quotes is more impersonal than a private message via messaging service or sending a card.

Present Funny Birthday Wishes in Person

Present Funny Birthday Wishes in Person

If sending cards or text messages is too impersonal for you, you can also simply present your birthday quote yourself.

For a birthday, you can surprise your friend or family member with a visit and celebrate the birthday together. With a personally recited birthday quote, you wish him all the best.

In what form you present your birthday quotes, is up to you. One idea would be a birthday saying in the form of your own poem.

With anecdotes and personal stories, you have something to laugh about when you meet – or you recite funny birthday greetings as a song. In any case, a meeting is the most personal form, which your friends and close family members will be especially happy about.

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