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Happy birthday wishes for him: 80 quotes + 4 tips

Coming up with the right words to wish a man a happy birthday can be more challenging than you’d think. To help you find the perfect happy birthday message for your birthday card, we have the best birthday wishes for men for you, from funny to cool to short.

Whether it’s about your dad, uncle, brother, colleague or just your boyfriend or husband, you can use our birthday wishes for men for any man around you.

The best happy birthday wishes for him

To make your birthday card or WhatsApp message a real highlight, we have a wide selection of funny, short and cool birthday quotes for you here. You will also find many wishes for round birthdays.

Of course you can customize, change and combine all our texts and sayings as you like.

Funny happy birthday wishes for him

Funny birthday wishes for a man

Who wouldn’t like to make the birthday boy smile or even laugh on his special day?

Especially when it’s someone special, like a good friend or your best friend, humorous teasing added to your birthday wishes is often well-received.

  1. I hope you celebrate your birthday the way you came into the world. Naked and screaming. Happy Birthday!
  2. Congrats at becoming another year old but not wiser.
  3. A lot of people say on your birthday, "Wow, you never seem to get any older." Well, I’m not one of them, so celebrate, you old fart!
  4. The paint is off? Don’t worry, your primer is still top notch!
  5. I can’t find the cake underneath all these candles! Happy Birthday, old man.
  6. If someone calls you old, then just hit him with your walking stick and throw your dentures after him!
  7. Have you ever thought about assisted living? No? Then why don’t we start assisted partying today! Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone. Happy birthday!
  8. Don’t enjoy too much of your birthday cake. We all know that the older you get, the harder it is to lose those pounds.
  9. Once again a year older and still irresistible. You’ve really got it.
  10. You may be hearing the phrase "For your age…" more often now. I’ll start with that right now: For your age, you look really good. Congratulations and happy birthday!

Find more funny birthday wishes here.

Birthday wishes for men on WhatsApp

Birthday wishes for men on WhatsApp

Not everyone is able to congratulate in person on their birthday. Sometimes everyday life is just too stressful or you live too far away from each other. In this case, birthday wishes via WhatsApp are particularly suitable.

Maybe the celebration is a few days later and you still want to send a few funny or nice words on the day of honor itself.

Did you forget the birthday? Here are the best belated birthday wishes.

  1. The very best WhatsApp wishes are coming your way, to help you enjoy and celebrate your special day! All the best to you!
  2. You don’t stop laughing when you get old. You get old when you stop laughing. So keep your wonderful laughter nice continue, then you do not get old. Happy Birthday!
  3. I wanted to help you celebrate your special day, which is why this heartfelt message is coming your way. Wishing you the best birthday possible, my dear!
  4. Happy birthday to the only one who always laughs at my jokes. I hope your wonderful sense of humor stays with you in the years ahead.
  5. The years have passed you by without a trace, but our weekends together have left their mark!
  6. Happy birthday, my friend!
    I hope you have a happy day and
    that this upcoming year is filled with
    even more fun adventures for you!
  7. The youngest you is has left the building, but I still want to congratulate you. Happy birthday, I hope all your wishes for the next year come true.
  8. Congratulations on your special day! I’m not only wishing you a happy birthday today, but 365 days of happiness ahead!
  9. Be proud of getting older. Soon you’ll get the senior discount! That’ll make aging worth it after all. Happy birthday, old man!
  10. You’re not too old for this stuff. You’re just very tired the next day – and the day after that. But a proper birthday party is worth it!

Cool birthday wishes for a man

Cool happy birthday wishes for males

What man doesn’t like to be cool? He’ll be all the more pleased on his birthday you don’t harp on his increasing age, but tell him what a special and cool person he is instead.

  1. Cool guys like you don’t get older, they get more bombastic. Happy birthday you grenade!
  2. Once a man’s reputation is ruined, he can really live free. Good thing we ruined our reputation together back then. Here’s to more uninhibited years, buddy! Happy Birthday!
  3. You’re old enough now to know better, but young enough to do it anyway. Here’s to many more years in which we can make nonsense together. Happy Birthday!
  4. The world needs heroes and you are one of them. Happy birthday!
  5. Congratulations, you have reached the metal age! Silver in your hair, gold in your teeth, lead in your feet.
  6. Happy birthday to you today, pal!
    You are a man of many talents and you have the amazing ability to brighten up any room! People can’t help but be happy when in your company — being around you always brings a smile to people’s faces.
    All the best to you!
  7. Always remember: No matter how old you are, male friendship does not age. We will always be good friends. I also wish you the very best for your special day today. Happy birthday!
  8. "He who is of a calm and happy nature, will hardly feel the pressure of age."
    If a Greek philosopher of the ancient world believed this, there must be something to it. In this sense, here’s to more wise and clever years with you. Happy Birthday!
  9. "Patience and humor are the two camels that can take you through any desert."
    (Arabic proverb)
    You have more than enough of both, so I assume we will celebrate many more birthdays together. Happy birthday!
  10. Wild guys like you do not get older but more casual. So let it crash today properly! Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for men about beer

Birthday wishes for him about beer

Most men love beer. Whether it’s on their birthday, with friends at a barbecue, or even on an exciting night of soccer. Most of them don’t even need an occasion.

So it’s not far-fetched that many well-wishers, especially if they are best friends, would also like to incorporate beer love into their birthday wishes.

  1. Long ago, an old man said, "Don’t count your years, make your years count." Or was it "beers?" Never mind, both good. Just take my advice to heart and celebrate nicely. Happy birthday to you.
  2. Keep calm and drink beer! Happy birthday!
  3. What you can uncork today, do not put off until tomorrow. With this wisdom I wish you a happy birthday.
  4. Cheers to you on your beerthday! Let’s drink!
  5. With a cool beer
    I congratulate you!
    Let yourself celebrate today, you old man,
    as long as ours still can.
  6. I greet the greatest sports and beer expert with external and internal values on his birthday, because I like you! Happy birthday!
  7. You really are our best man (and drinker)!
    Therefore, we raise our glasses,
    congratulate you on the feast
    and then empty all the leftovers!
  8. The head hurts, the feet stink, high time to drink a beer. Let’s toast to you and your special day. Cheers and happy birthday!
  9. Happy birthday beer lover! They say the greatest gift is buying presents for others. You know which beer I like – I’m waiting!
  10. "A beer in honor no one can refuse." Since today is your very special day of honor, we should definitely toast to it. Happy birthday!

Short birthday wishes for men

Short birthday wishes for men

No matter if there is no more space in your birthday card or if you know that the person celebrating just doesn’t like long texts, there are many arguments for the shortest possible birthday wishes for men. For this reason, we have gathered some for you here.

  1.  To a brilliant man happy birthday. You bring light and happiness to my life. Here’s wishing you a bright year ahead.
  2. You think you’re old? You’re not old… last year you were old, now you’re ancient.
  3. It’s great to be young and healthy. Can you still remember that time back then? Happy Birthday!
  4. Men live to be seven years old. After that, they only grow physically.
  5. A year forward, not back, for your birthday I wish a lot of happiness.
  6. All the best from the best gift ever (Me as your best friend/granddaughter/son … )!
  7. Happy Birthday. May God give you a lot of success and true happiness in your life.
  8. May your new year of life become one of your most beautiful adventures despite your age!
  9. When life gives you a birthday, make it a party. Celebrate today!
  10. You can light all the candles now, the fire department is informed. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday wishes for men with women

Birthday wishes for men with women

Men like to tease each other when it comes to marriage or their wives. Sometimes they even make cruder remarks. Some can laugh about it, others not. For women in particular, these remarks are often not particularly pleasant. Nevertheless, many can amuse themselves about it.

Whether you find such a birthday quote appropriate and funny or not, you can best judge for yourself. After all, you should know the birthday boy quite well and know what you can use to make him laugh.

  1. As a bachelor, a man is a peacock; as a groom, a lion; and as a married man, a donkey. I still like you though, even as a donkey. So happy birthday!
  2. Men age like wine, women like cheese. Happy birthday!
  3. "An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband."
    (Booth Tarkington)
    Happy birthday!
  4. Happiness consists of a solid bank account, a good cook and an impeccable digestion. Fortunately, you have all three. Since nothing stands in the way of a proper birthday celebration: All the best!
  5. If your life (or your wife) annoys you, sprinkle glitter on it. The world looks the same much more glamorous. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for men on a round birthday

From 40 upwards, many round birthdays are celebrated again extra large. So that you also have the appropriate message, here are some ideas with which you can fill your birthday card.

You can also rewrite many of the sayings a bit and then use them for another round birthday.

Birthday wishes for men on their 40th birthday

Birthday wishes for men for their 40th birthday

  1. At 40, you finally have an excuse to stop partying so much, but you shouldn’t abuse that privilege. So do not forget to still continue to go out with me and dance until dawn.
  2. Who is still a child at 40 years, has understood what life is all about. Happy birthday!
  3. Now you are according to the ID already 40, look like 30 and are in the head probably still 25 … sometimes probably even younger. For this I want to congratulate warmly. Happy Birthday!
  4. Turning 40 is something to be proud of so just embrace it, my friend! Wishing all the best to you on your 40th birthday!
  5. Happy 40th, my friend!
    Four whole decades and you’re still
    going strong! You’ll soon see that
    starting to slow down now, though!

You can find more funny and wise sayings for the 40th birthday here.

Birthday wishes for him on his 50th birthday

The 50th birthday is a very special day for many. Half a century is worth celebrating properly and of course the best congratulations may not be missing.

  1. You are turning 50. That means you can no longer wear speedos while relaxing on the beach. Still, happy birthday!
  2. I see changes in your face, gut, and hair. But what remains the same all these years is your dry sense of humor that I like the most. Happy birthday, bud.
  3. Smile… Oh, you have teeth! That means you are not old yet. Say cheers to your 50th birthday celebrations.
  4. You’re not 50, you’re 42 plus 8 years of experience!
  5. Your voice has always promised me some wisdom. I cannot express how much I love you. Happy 50th birthday, Dad.

Here we have more great 50th birthday wishes for you.

Happy 60th birthday wishes for a man

Happy 60th birthday wishes for him

Like any round birthday, the 60th is a special day and is often celebrated in a big way. Of course, this is not without reason. The children are grown up, maybe there are even grandchildren already and retirement is approaching in big steps.

So if you want to congratulate your father, friend or otherwise a special man in your life on this special day, we have the most beautiful sayings for you here.

  1. For your 60th birthday, an old wisdom of mine: feel life, not joints.
  2. Happy 60th birthday. Your special day has finally arrived! I find it hard to imagine that the universe has been lucky enough to have you for 60 years and will continue to have more of you!
  3. May your 60th birthday be as memorable and glorious as your 60 years on earth. Have a blast.
  4. At 60, you have remained young at heart. That’s one of the reasons we love you so much.
  5. Don’t be sad about being 60 years old. Think you are just closer to your senior citizenship discount.

You can also find a wide selection of other 60th birthday wishes here.

Happy 70th birthday wishes for him

The 70th year of life turns out very differently for many. Some enjoy their retirement to the fullest and are traveling and on the road a lot. Others may already be struggling with some physical ailments and prefer to take it easy. Still others can’t resist continuing to work anyway.

Whatever applies to the jubilarian you want to congratulate with our sayings, you’re sure to find something suitable in this selection.

  1. Cracking 70! Sometimes it cracks here … sometimes it cracks there … I wish you all the best and good health for your 70th birthday!
  2. 70 years are worth honoring you especially. Congratulations and happy birthday!
  3. Hope all 24 hours of your 70th birthday are as memorable as the last 70 years have been for you.
  4. Happy 70th birthday. Hope your unfulfilled dreams start to come true today.
  5. Happy birthday! 70 may not be the new 50 but it’s definitely flirting with 60 (in more ways than one). Now that’s something to celebrate!

Here are more birthday wishes for the 70th birthday.

80th birthday wishes for him

Happy 80th birthday wishes for men

.Not all people are lucky enough to reach the age of 80. Therefore, it is often celebrated all the more when our loved ones reach this special age.

Of course, on such a special day you want to make the jubilarian a particularly great joy. So that the birthday wishes also fit to it, we have here some suggestions for you.

  1. Happy 80th birthday! You don’t look a day over 79. Maybe two or three days. A week at the most.
  2. You are not 80, you are 40 with 40 years of experience.
  3. Happy birthday! Now that you’re 80 years old, you’ve learned all the lessons that life has to offer. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get to the bathroom in time.
  4. Happy 80th birthday! Fortunately for you, the vintage look is back in style.
  5. Don’t worry, you still got it. Whatever "it" is, I don’t remember. Do you? Happy 80th birthday!

You can find more birthday wishes for the 80th birthday here.

Tips for birthday wishes for him

Tips for birthday wishes for him

Finding suitable birthday wishes can be a real challenge. After all, you want to please the person celebrating and not arrive too corny or boring.

For this reason, here are a few tips for you on how to make your birthday greetings more fitting and better.

Include something personal

Most people, male or female, are always very happy to receive personal messages. For example, you can unpack old anecdotes that you’ve shared together or just reminisce a bit about your time together.

Of course, you can also refer to the interests, hobbies or personality of the jubilarian. In this way, you’ll definitely prove that you know him well and that you didn’t copy the content for your birthday card from somewhere.

In addition, you show him that you have made an effort and that his birthday and he are important to you. The best way is to combine your personal text with our birthday wishes.

Respect your relationship

Basically, of course, most sayings are applicable to most men. Some you can also just adjust a little. However, it still makes a certain difference whether you want to congratulate your grandfather as a granddaughter, your best buddy in his mid-forties or your fiancé as a young woman;

As a buddy it can be a funny saying or a little (or bigger) teasing. The grandfather is probably most pleased about a few dear words or a poem and the fiancé about a loving message or allusions to certain experiences in the past or future.

Especially if you are colleagues and you want to congratulate more out of politeness, you should perhaps rather refrain from coarser, teasing sayings. Of course, this also depends on the relationship you have with each other.

Tailor your birthday wishes to his character

Adapt your happy birthday wishes to his character

Of course, one could clichédly claim that no man likes long and profound birthday wishes. Men want it to be short, crude and funny and touching texts are boring. After all, no man likes to show feelings.

Nevertheless, there are certainly a lot of men who are just as happy about emotional and loving texts as many women are. You will probably know the celebrant himself best and what he is most pleased about.

So when choosing your birthday greetings, it is best to make sure that they also fit the character of the birthday boy or girl if you want to congratulate them.

Use photos or pictures

Maybe you can find some old photos of you as children or young adults somewhere. Of course, it’s especially nice if the person celebrating doesn’t even know the pictures themselves or hasn’t seen them in a long time. Reveling in beautiful memories puts a smile on most people’s faces.

Many also give their friends funny pictures for their birthday. Some of them are often quite silly, but just that can be very funny, of course, if a photo is provided with a funny saying, for example.

Send these pictures either via social media or also give them away as a (post) card. Maybe the birthday boy or girl will even hang them up.

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