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Thank you for the birthday wishes: 40 quotes & 10 texts

We have beautiful quotes, and special messages with which you can say thank you for the birthday wishes. Write them in a card, post them on social media or send them as a broadcast message via messenger.

Saying thank you for congratulations is just part of the process after a congratulation. It can be a birthday, graduation, or any other occasion. We have short, beautiful, and funny quotes and messages that you can send to your contacts.

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday

In this chapter you will find quotes and short messages that you can use to thank people for wishing you a happy birthday. Post them as a status on WhatsApp, post them on Facebook or send them as a broadcast message. They are suitable for all contacts.

All unmarked sayings and texts are from unknown authors.

Short 'thank you for the birthday wishes' on WhatsApp

In this chapter you will find especially short messages and quotes that you can use well for WhatsApp. But first think about whether you can reach all your contacts with a status or a circular message in the messenger.

If not, you should consider sending a few more individual messages via SMS, as a card or on social media.

  1. Thank you for so much love on my birthday!
  2. Dear ones, I was insanely happy about your congratulations. Thank you!
  3. Not the lucky ones are grateful. It is the grateful ones who are happy.
    (Sir Francis Bacon)
  4. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you for all of you.
  5. Beautiful that you always think of me year after year. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!
  6. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me and thank you also to those who wrote to me and thought of me! I was very happy.
  7. To all who sent me birthday wishes, thank you so much for thinking of me!
  8. You rock! Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  9. Thank you for everything: the lovely messages, the great gifts, the nice party!
  10. Thank you for the congratulations to everyone who congratulated me!
  11. It was nice to hear from so many people yesterday. Thanks for making me feel special on my birthday.
  12. I’m being totally truthful when I say that each and every message brought a smile to my face and made my day that much more special!
  13. Thank you for my birthday messages. It’s definitely been a birthday to remember!
  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. Hearing from you slightly lessened my despair at turning a year older.

Cute thank you messages for happy birthday wishes

Lovely thank you messages for happy birthday wishes

If you want to say thank you for your birthday wishes with extra heart and kind words, we have the right sayings for you here.

They are suitable if you are an open and loving person who also wants to get rid of some emotions as a thank you for the congratulations.

  1. Thank you for everything: for the congratulations, your understanding, your help and your trust in me. Thank you for existing.
  2. Thank you for the congratulations – and for always being by my side.
  3. Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
    (Marcel Proust)
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You are an important part of my life.
  5. Thank you for always being there for me in the last year of my life.
  6. Without your support, I would not be where I am today. For that, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  7. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday and thank you for always being there for me. You are a wonderful person and I love you.
  8. I wanted to say thank you. For remembering my birthday every year and for always making me laugh when I feel like crying.
  9. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, for helping me in every situation in life and for always being there for me.
  10. I had a wonderful birthday and not least because of you and your lovely congratulations. Thank you for that, dear ones!

Thank you for congratulations as a quote

Thank you for the congratulations as a quote

Sometimes just sharing a simple quote with your loved ones who have congratulated you is enough. If you want, you can add "Thank you for your congratulations". Suitable quotes are:

  1. "I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual."
    (Henry David Thoreau)
  2. "It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought."
  3. "Gratitude changes the pangs of memory into a tranquil joy."
    (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)
  4. "Gratitude is a duty which ought to be paid, but which none have a right to expect."
    (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
  5. "It is another’s fault if he be ungrateful, but it is mine if I do not give. To find one thankful man, I will oblige a great many that are not so."
    (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)
  6. "Drink and be thankful to the host! What seems insignificant when you have it, is important when you need it."
    (Franz Grillparzer)
  7. "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough."
    (Meister Eckhart)
  8. "When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself."
  9. "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls."
  10. "Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts."
    (Henri Frederic Amiel)

A Funny Way to Say "Thank you for the birthday wishes"

Saying "Thanks for the birthday wishes" in a funny way

In this section, we’ve put together some funny thank you sayings for you. Copy our sayings or send our pictures with which you can say funny "Thank you for the congratulations".

It’s also funny to add a funny saying to a photo you took of your birthday and send it to your friends and family.

Say 'thank you' in a funny way on Facebook

You can post the following sayings to Facebook or other social media channels as a thank you for wishing you a happy birthday. Some of them are related to a birthday, others you can use for other occasions. The most important thing is to take them with humor and a wink.

  1. To my big friends and my little friends, to the quiet friends and the loud friends, the punctual and the unpunctual, the organized and the batty: Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. You are the best!
  2. To say thank you is not difficult, to get over the hangover today, on the other hand, very much!
  3. On my birthday it always seems like I have many friends. Because of you I feel therefore always only half as old. Thanks for that!
  4. I want to sincerely thank Facebook for notifying all of my friends (including people I have only spoken to once in my life) of my birthday.
  5. I wholeheartedly value your compliment wishes. I feel blessed to get all the blessings from my family and loved ones. Much appreciation to you, folks.
  6. I didn’t realize I had so many friends, thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

Beautiful messages to thank you for congratulations of all kinds

Beautiful texts as a thank you for congratulations of all kinds

You can send the following texts as a thank you in a card or online, post them on social media or send them by email.

They are longer than the previous sayings and texts. Therefore, they are especially suitable if you want to put a little more effort into your thank you.

Some texts are written lovingly, warmly and openly, others are funny and rhyme. Some are suitable as birthday greetings, some you can use in general for different occasions.

Examples include a thank you after a birth, a graduation, a wedding, or a engagement.


Thank you a thousand times for all your enchanting congratulations, lovingly chosen gifts and surprises. Your words have touched me very much and I will remember for a long time this day that you have made very special.


Thank you so much for your support, kind words and congratulations. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You guys are just wonderful.


You have helped make this day unforgettable for me. For the help and support, the many ideas and great surprises, the numerous congratulations and gifts, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
My day was wonderful!


With music, cocktails and good food I spent my birthday outside in the garden in the best weather with wonderful people. Thank you to everyone who thought of me. Your good wishes have come true, because I had a terrific day.


Overwhelmed, heart full, and glowing with gratitude is how I’m feeling after reading all the birthday messages I received today. Thank you to everyone who made my day extra special.


For all the good wishes and all the great gifts, we as a family would like to thank you very much. Your support and love is truly worth its weight in gold.


For your congratulations, I want to thank you.
It’s nice to fill up with so much love.


Thank you for all the birthday greetings on WhatsApp! Since I wanted to really enjoy the day yesterday, I’m just getting back to you today. I am grateful for every single message and was very happy.


Sorry if I haven’t replied to you directly, but know that I’ve read all of your wishes and they truly touched my heart.

Each message was just as meaningful as the last.


"Before the day is over
I just wanted to say
Thank you to everyone
For helping me celebrate
In the best possible way.

You all made my birthday
That much more special
And I’m truly grateful from
The bottom of my heart."


How to say 'thank you' sincerely: 5 tips

How to say 'thank you' sincerely: 5 tips

Below you’ll find tips on how to say thank you sincerely. After all, saying thank you is not only necessary for congratulations on your birthday, but in many other situations in life. After congratulations, a personal and loving thank you is probably the best gift you can give back.

Apart from that, you can also just say thank you to your loved ones for existing and for being there for you without any occasion at all.

Be honest

When you want to say thank you for your congratulations, you should always find honest words. There are many phrases that also work, but most of all your well-wishers will be pleased with authenticity.

Therefore, always choose a saying or short text that really sounds like you and suits you. Combine it with a funny picture, emojis or a GIF. Tell a short story about your day or mention what you are especially thankful for.

Say 'thank you for your congratulations' with emotions

In addition to honesty, sentiment and openness always go over well when saying thank you. Use heartfelt words and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. To do this, you can also prepare different thank you notes – on the one hand for your closest contacts and on the other hand for acquaintances.

You can then send them as a circular message or set a status on WhatsApp or Instagram and share it only with certain groups of people.

Another way is to say thank you by describing your reaction to the congratulations. If you had tears in your eyes, feel free to mention it. Even if you had to smile or laugh, that’s a nice and thankful reaction to share.

Understanding Emotions: Tips for dealing with emotions the right way.

Remember individual situations

Remember individual situations

Of course, it’s especially nice if you personally tell everyone thank you for their congratulations. Especially your close friends and family will be very happy about an individual thank you. They have also probably put more effort into your congratulations than other contacts.

So remember individual situations in which you were especially grateful to these people and describe the moment in your own words. This way, you’re not just thanking them for their congratulations, but showing appreciation for having these people in your life.

To better remember important situations, you can use these questions as a guide:

  • When did this person help me?
  • What would I never have done/accomplished without them?
  • What good does she bring out in me?

Remember positive qualities

Just as you can remember special situations, you can also reflect on positive qualities of your counterpart. These questions will help you do that:

  • What do you love most about the person?
  • What is their best character trait?
  • Does she have an endearing quirk that you couldn’t live without?

By answering the questions, you make your thank you note extra personal. You show your counterpart that you have really thought about and appreciate concrete things about him or her. Saying thank you for the congratulations in this way stands out from the usual platitudes.

Thank him or her quickly for the congratulations

Once you have received congratulations, no matter what the occasion, you should thank them as soon as possible. For this purpose, the next day or the day after the occasion is usually a good time. On your birthday itself, everyone will understand if you enjoy the day first before replying to everyone.

At weddings, it is customary to send thank you cards. Of course, these take a little longer – especially if you send them by mail. In advance, however, the bride and groom can already thank you on WhatsApp and, for example, send a photo of the wedding.

Also, for a communion or confirmation, after a baptism, a graduation or an engagement, it behooves you to say thank you for the congratulations at least in the next few days.

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