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55 New Born Baby Wishes & 10 Messages for Congratulations

When parents welcome a child into the world, we like to make sure we can congratulate them in the best way possible. This could be as a loving message or simply as a short text.

Regardless of your choice of platform, we have put together a list of beautiful quotes and sayings for you to send when that precious newborn arrives.

Congratulations for a New Born Baby to Write in a Card

Congratulations for a New Born Baby to Write in a Card

Messages on new birth are somewhat like a breath of fresh air when we are lost for words. And so they are ideal to be sent in a card, as a loving message, or on a gift tag.

This is the perfect time to relate to the family and show your emotion – especially since the new parents will be filled with feelings of joy and appreciation.

We have a list for all types of new parents and your relationship with them, so take your time and choose what you know will be well received.

Here you will find beautiful "happy birthday" wishes for kids.

Wishes for New Born Baby Girl

Wishes for New Born Baby Girl

In this section you will find beautiful messages to welcome a daughter into this world – meaning you don’t even have to rephrase them. They focus on the happiness she will bring, the future, and the impact she will have on the parents’ lives.

Here are a few saying when welcoming a beautiful baby girl:

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. I am so happy for the both of you and wish you the best with your sweetheart. I leave you with the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.”
  2. Mom has a strong backup! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl.
  3. Congratulations on the birth of your little mouse. She is about to turn your life upside down. But remember, if you need me, I am always happy to help.
  4. We all know that great things start small. Congratulations on your little girl.
  5. A bright star is born, you little [insert name] is here! The warmest of congratulations on the birth of your daughter.
  6. Hooray, hooray, your little girl is here! I wish you and your little princess all the happiness in the world.
  7. Congratulations on your sweet little girl.“The first principle of child-rearing is to choose a good mother.” (Christian Morgenstern) – and that is who you are! Wishing you all the best.
  8. Little girls are carried in the arms, and as they grow up they are carried in your hands.
  9. This world is a beautiful place worth fighting for, and so we shall fight for little [insert name] in this world too! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet girl.
  10. She is small enough to hold on one hand and big enough to fill your entire life. Now that little [insert name] is finally here, I wish you a heartfelt congratulations.

Adapt these beautiful and meaningful messages to add a little personal touch.

Congratulations on a New Born Baby Boy

Congratulations on a New Born Baby Boy

Welcoming a baby boy into the world is an adventure to every parent and so we have taken the time to put together birth messages ideal for this occasion. Below you will find tailored quotes that are easy for you to adapt to the type of parents you are congratulating.

Here are a few ideal congratulations on a newly born baby boy:

  1. Small feet, small hands, big joy! Welcome to the world little [insert name].
  2. A healthy little boy – how splendid, we are so happy for you and wish you the best.
  3. A new life has been welcomed into the world and lights up your wonderful little family. May you little prince’s smile brighten your day. Sending warmth and well-wishes your way.
  4. There is no mystery more beautiful than a child growing up in this world. We wish you only the best for little [insert name] and congratulate you on his birth.
  5. Congratulations on the birth of your healthy, beautiful little boy. We wish him all the best as he navigates his way through the world and that your strength will continue to support him.
  6. “As soon as I saw you I knew adventure was about to happen.” (Winnie the Pooh). Congratulations on your little boy, may he bring adventure into your lives and all the joy in the world.
  7. I wish you good luck, love, health and strength in the years ahead with your new baby boy. Congratulations!
  8. Once upon a time there was a little prince who smiled at me with love. Yes, you guessed it, it was your beautiful baby boy. Congratulations on his birth and I wish you all the best for the future.

It goes without saying that the parents will be delighted by your message as they welcome their precious baby boy into their lives.

Modern “Welcome New Born Baby” Wishes

Modern “Welcome New Born Baby” Wishes

These modern wishes are ideal for the parents who are less about old quotes and poetry, and more about the new age. In this section we have put together a list of modern sayings from which you can pick and choose.

A few modern messages for the birth of a baby can be found here:

  1. A baby
    makes love stronger,
    the days shorter,
    the nights longer,
    savings smaller,
    and a home happier
  2. This is so much more than a moment of happiness, as your happiness now has a beautiful name and will accompany you for life.
  3. Family: where life begins and love never ends.
  4. The most precious jewelry you will ever wear is your children’s arms around your neck.
  5. A child’s small hand leads us to a world that has been long forgotten.
  6. When love becomes life, happiness gets a name. I wish you all the best for your new journey as a family.
  7. And so you finally get to hold your little miracle in your hands. Congratulations on the birth of little [insert name].
  8. A newborn is the beginning of hope and the unfolding of all possibilities. It is the greatest blessing to a family. Congratulations!
  9. Four large feet walked alone for a while, now two tiny feet walk along. Congratulations.
  10. The sky is full of bliss and now you have your own little ray of sunshine. Congratulations on the birth of your precious child.
  11. "A child is a book to read from and to write."
    (Peter Rosegger, Austrian writer, 1843-1918)
  12. “But the most beautiful thing here on earth is to love and to be loved.”
    (Wilhelm Busch, German poet, 1832-1908)
  13. The first thing man finds in life and the last thing he reaches for is the most precious thing of all – family.
  14. You only realize the true meaning of life when you hold your own child in your arms for the first time.

These quotes and sayings are short and sweet but exactly what a parent might need.

Beautiful Quotes for Welcoming Your New Born Baby

Beautiful Quotes for Welcoming Your New Born Baby

In this section you will certainly find the most beautiful messages centering on wisdom, children and family. They are suitable for any type of greeting card and address the beautiful side of life.

Here are a few choices for this momentous occasion:

  1. “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” (Kahlil Gibran). Congratulations on the birth of your little one, may you have many adventures into the future.
  2. “Three things remain with us from paradise: stars, flowers and children.”
    (Dante Alighieri, Italian poet and philosopher, 1265-1321)
  3. “A child is love made visible.”
    (Novalis, German poet, 1772-1801)
  4. If you ever find yourself wondering how to parent, remember your childhood and reflect into your heart, because: “The heart remains a child.”
    (Theodor Fontane, German writer, 1819-1898)
  5. “Without children the world would be a desert.”
    (Albert Bitzius, Swiss writer, 1797-1854)
  6. “Praise the child and it will flourish.” (von Ireland). Happy birthday to your baby!
  7. A child’s soul promises that a richness in hope far beyond any other. Congratulations on the birth of your precious one.
  8. “If we want to reach real peace in this world, we should start educating children.” (Mahatma Gandhi). May the birth of your little one bring hope to the world and enrich your lives every day.
  9. “A child wants to have their own way.” (Peter Hille). All the best with the adventure ahead of you with the beautiful addition to your family.
  10. “The life of the parents is the book that the children read.” (Aurelius Augustine). Wishing you health and happiness in the life of your little one.
  11. It brings us great joy to hear you’ve had a baby. May your little ray of sunshine thrive in a happy and healthy life, and may you enjoy it just as much. Congratulations.
  12. “Human life is like traveling. The first steps determine the whole way.” (Arthur Schopenhauer). Luckily your beautiful baby has the best parents to lead the first steps. Congratulations!
  13. “Whoever says there are seven wonders in this world has never experienced the birth of a child. Whoever says wealth is everything has never seen a child smile. Whoever says that this world can no longer be saved has forgotten that children mean hope.” (Honore de Balzac).
  14. “Children are especially adorable because they always live in the present.”
    (Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist, 1828-1910)
  15. “Happy child, you still have no idea how wonderfully complicated and challenging life is.”
    (Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian zoologist, 1861-1930)

These quotes are absolutely beautiful and can be personalized from you by adding a few of your own words too.

Funny Quotes for a New Born Baby

Funny Quotes for a New Born Baby

If you have a great relationship with the baby’s parents and all share the same sense of humor, then this is the section for you. Funny quotes for a new born baby will definitely stand out from the crowd and put a smile on the parent’s face.

It is important to note that these quotes are not a good choice if there is any concern over the child’s health. But if you are certain all is well, then here is what we have put together for you:

  1. “Children need to be very patient with adults.”
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, French writer and pilot, 1900-1944)
  2. From this day forth, the little one decides how you sleep! My dear friends, I wish you all the beautiful moments and strength in the world in the time ahead. Congratulations on the birth of your precious one.
  3. “Every child is a genius, and every genius is in some way a child.”
    (Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher, 1788-1860)
  4. A baby is the perfect example of a minority government! Wishing you all the joy in the world as you welcome your little one.
  5. “Stark naked without money is how you came into this big world,
    and no apartment seemed big enough for your great presence.
    Dad stood by mom as she gave a out a sigh,
    and that is when you let out your first little cry.
    And now what was quiet steps ahead,
    two little feet are heard coming alongside instead.
  6. “A small child is a second home.”
    (From the Swiss)
  7. For nine months you bugged your mom, now it’s dad’s turn! Congratulations!
  8. You may be small but your parents aren’t half bad! Happy birthday little one. We wish you all the best for the future and send lots of love.

These short sayings are sure to put a smile on two proud parent’s faces.

Beautiful Messages as Congratulations for a New Born Baby

Beautiful Messages as Congratulations for a New Born Baby

Many a time the parents of a new born baby are busy with their little one, family and friends. In this case, sending a beautiful message via text or social media is the perfect way to express your well wishes.

These messages are a little longer than a simple quote and can be used on cards as well. Here is what we have in store for you:


“That is why I love children, because they still see the world and themselves in the beautiful magic mirror of imagination.” (Theodore Storm).

Dear [insert parent names], enjoy the blessed time with your new baby by your side. May [insert child’s name] enrich your lives with endless hope and wonderful vision. Congratulations.

Your, [insert your name].


“It’s a big responsibility, caution says.
It’s an enormous burden, experience says.
It’s a miracle, says the hears.
It’s the biggest joy, says love.
It’s our child, we say.
Precious and unique.”

(Rudyard Kipling)


Dear [insert child’s name],

Take time to dream, discover and feel alive. Follow your heart and be kind to yourself as you find your way.


Welcome to the world, little one.
Two little eyes to look around.
Two little ears to hear each sound.
One little nose to smell what’s sweet.
One little mouth that likes to eat.

Congratulations on the arrival of your precious little one!


“The secret to living at peace is the art of understanding everyone according to their individuality.” (Friedrich Ludwig Jahn).

Dear [insert parent names],

Congratulations and all the best on your journey forth with the little one. Enjoy each moment of discovering your child’s uniqueness and give him the wisdom to take him on his way.

Kind regards,
[insert your name]


Congratulations on the birth

Every beginning holds a sparkle,
a magic of some kind.

May the birth of your child bring you happiness,
and a lifetime of memories where you need not look behind.

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby.


“Experience teaches us that love does not consist of looking towards each other, but rather in looking towards the same direction together.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

…and so both your eyes are looking at [insert baby name] together, who has finally seen the light of day. The two of you are going to be wonderful parents.

I wish you all the best for the future with your new little family.


Just as the sand floats in the sea,
I wish you long-lasting memories,
now that the little one has come to be.

May [his/her] eyes light up your life,
and never meet a moment of strife.

Heartfelt congratulations on the birth of your precious child. I wish you all the best and many days of sunshine and happiness ahead.


[your name]


Work like you don’t need the money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Dance like nobody’s watching,
I wish you a life like paradise on earth.

(Irish Proverb).

From this day forth you will share many laughs with your beautiful little one.
You may miss a few hours of sleep at night, but your life will be more fulfilled than ever before!
We wish you all the best with the little one and are always just one phone all away.

Much love,
[insert names]

Here you will find beautiful quotes for different occasions.

Quotes and Wishes as Congratulations for Giving Birth

Quotes and Wishes as Congratulations for Giving Birth

Sending your congratulations on a new birth can be done in many different ways and is a great way of sending your greetings when you don’t quite know what to say.

You can write a card, send a WhatsApp or leave a beautiful voice message to greet the newborn child. But at the end of the day, you know your relationship with the parents better than we ever can, so go ahead and choose what is best for you.

With our lovely selection of congratulatory quotes, sayings and messages, we have a few additional tips for you to focus on to make your words come across with intent.

Here is what you need to pay attention to…

Relate to the Family

Relating to the family is incredibly important when it comes to sending your congratulations. For one thing, you know what they are like and how they perceive certain things.

If you are unsure of how they would respond to something humorous, then stick to a safe option like a beautiful saying or a quote offering a little bit of wisdom.

Adding a few words about the parents themselves is also a great way to make your message even more special. For example, mention a hobby they like or think back to an experience you’ve had together that you can draw in on.

This will show them how deeply you care and how much the significant milestone means to you too.

Show Emotion

Show Emotion

The birth of a new child is one of the most emotional experiences one can ever have. So why not feel free to show yours too?

An ideal way to do this can be by saying something you have always thought but have kept to yourself. Show the new parents how much they mean to you, how important they are, how much you love them and that you will always be there for them when they need you.

This is the perfect opportunity to express loving messages, well wishes for their future and how much you appreciate being part of this life changing experience.

Mention the Baby’s Name

Mentioning the precious little one’s name is a sincere way to show your interest in the child and create a bond from the get-go.

The parent’s will be thrilled to see you’ve addressed their baby personally and most likely feel like your message has a personal touch – and our messages are a great go-to for exactly this.

Just ensure that you spell the baby’s name correctly and that you are sure of the gender, as you don’t want to be left red-faced in front of the family. An extra special touch you can add to your message, is to include the meaning of the name too.

Gifting a Framed Message

Gifting a Framed Message

If you’re looking to take your congratulations a little further, you can consider printing out your chosen quote in a beautiful font or writing it out yourself.

You could also add a photo or draw little baby art (such as a pair of small socks or a teddy) and print them out.

Framing this is a special way to preserve your message for life and will look great hanging next to the baby’s cot.

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